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How off-road insurance works
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Off-road insurance is aimed at vehicles designed to travel off-road. See what options are available and whether they are easy to find on the market.

More and more we see adventurous people who like to enjoy their vehicles, but when it comes to taking out off-road insurance, it doesn't always end up being easy.


The question that remains is what is so different about these cars and motorcycles that few insurance companies accept them?

So-called off-road vehicles were developed to travel off-road, often on uneven terrain and trails.

They have technology that allows you to adjust the steering, traction and suspension and make driving easier. This happens because there is no excess rotation and speed, which are sent in the correct amount to each terrain.

Find out how the value of car insurance is determined!

Many of them are used in competitions that challenge drivers' driving skills and new developments in relation to off-roads are not uncommon.


It is because of these factors that barriers arise in relation to insurance, after all, the risk of driving in inappropriate places greatly increases the chances of an accident occurring.

How off-road insurance works

Image: Pixabay / jwvein

Is it possible to take out off-road insurance?

The answer to the happiness of owners of these vehicles is yes.

Despite having a smaller offer on the market, there are insurance companies that protect this type of vehicle, but to do so you will have to do some research and request quotes from several of them.


Both motorcycles and cars can be insured, however, some factors are assessed:

  • If the motorcycle or car is registered, this is because some end up leaving it aside because they only ride on trails.
  • If the documentation is all correct
  • Who is the pilot or driver of the vehicle. In the case of motorcycles, there are some that are only used for competitions and ridden by children under 18 years of age. In this case there may be more difficulty.
  • Coverages that will be contracted, as some of them may not be available or increase costs significantly
  • Year of vehicle, older ones are often rejected because it is difficult to find replacement parts.

What is the best off-road insurance?

In the case of motorcycles, the value may be higher than insurance for vehicles used on the roads, however, it may be possible to take out full insurance, one that protects against theft, theft, collision, fire and others.

However, for both motorcycles and cars, although full insurance is available, it can have a very high value, with a cost of up to 25% above the market value of the vehicle.

The price factor ends up making it unfeasible to take out full insurance, but there are still other options that help protect the insured and are more affordable.

Third party insurance

Off-road insurance for third parties offers protection when the insured person causes damage to other people by accident, which may be material or bodily.


In some cases, this coverage includes 24-hour assistance services, not only for the vehicle that suffered damage but also for the insured.

To have such insurance, you will need to choose the limit value of the coverage that will be taken out to cover damages to third parties.

In this case, there is no profile analysis, because the coverage will be available to other people, but the zip code is usually requested so that the location and risk can be assessed, which will help in pricing the insurance.

Burglary and theft insurance

This is a more affordable option for both motorcycles and off-road cars.


Insurance in this case will protect the vehicle of whoever is hiring it, but the coverage is restricted, protecting only against theft and theft.

The amount of compensation in the event of an accident will depend on what was agreed in the contract, but usually varies between 80% and 100% of the FIPE table.

Some of these insurances also have 24-hour assistance services and can also be sold together with a vehicle tracker.

Off-road insurance can be taken out by vehicles, however, it is not found so easily on the market and you need to check what coverage it offers so that it does not have an abusive price.


How off-road insurance works

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How off-road insurance works


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How off-road insurance works

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