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Ex-BBB Gizelly Bicalho reveals shocking secret about Felipe Prior

The ex-BBB Gizelly Bicalho took advantage of “Pod Dar Prado”last Monday (17), to comment on the conviction of Felipe Prior by the São Paulo Court for rape committed in 2014. The two participated in the 2020 edition of the program, and she tore up the verb when remembering that the architect left the reality idolized even after the country learned of the accusation.

“He came out as loved, idolized and had access everywhere. Brazil knew everything that was happening, people blindfolded themselves”, said Gizelly, who was in charge of the podcast.


Gizelly Bicalho

Gizelly Bicalho talks about Felipe Prior's conviction: “Everyone followed and everything was cool” (Photo: Reproduction/Youtube/”Pod Dar Prado”)

The digital influencer, who is a criminal lawyer by training, revealed that, at that time, she was advised by her advisor, which was provided by TV Globo, not to mention the name of her colleague in confinement due to the process that had already been underway for more than three years. Gizelly also said that he did not understand the fact that Prior had won over so many people to the point of attending and being well received in the best places, even though he was accused of such a serious crime: “Everyone followed and everything was cool”he assessed.

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Bicalho explained that, after being eliminated from the program, she followed the guidance of her advisor and never wanted to have contact with her former ex-star.brotherbecause he understood the seriousness of the case: “I never gave trust, I was never in the same place, because I became aware of what was happening”he stated.

Summary of the crime

Last Sunday (16), the interview that the woman who denounced Felipe Prior gave to Fantástico was aired on Globo, telling details of how everything happened. Themis (fictitious name adopted to preserve the victim's image) said that the two completed their last academic year at the same school and that they went back to school together, when she joined the architecture course at the Mackenzie Presbiterian Universitybut emphasized that the two never had a friendly relationship.

The rape occurred during a ride home given by Prior to the victim and her friend after a university party. Because she had already been part of a hitchhiking scheme in which the ex-BBB was the driver, Themis did not imagine that something like that could happen. She said that, after dropping her friend off at home, Prior stopped the car in the middle of the street, which was already very dark as it was early in the morning, and forced the sexual act against the girl's will. The forced penetration lacerated the woman's intimate area.


Frightened by the amount of blood coming out of the area and feeling weak, she asked her mother to take her to the hospital, where a grade 1 “c” laceration was found.Compatible with rubbing the penis or introducing another instrument into the vagina,” according to the medical record.

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Conviction of Felipe Prior

The ex-Big BrotherFelipe Prior, was sentenced to six years in semi-open prison for rape committed in August 2014. The decision of the São Paulo Court was handed down last Monday (10), and, according to the sentence, the architect You can file an appeal and respond to the process freely.

Maíra Pinheiro and Juliana Valente

Lawyers Maíra Pinheiro and Juliana Valente defend four women who accuse Prior of rape (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

In addition to this process, Prior is the target of two other investigations, which are ongoing, for the same type of crime. While one of the victim's lawyers did not think the conviction was fair, stating that “the sentence imposed does not reflect the brutality and consequences of the crime“, the convict's defense claims that the businessman is innocent on all charges.

Featured Photo: Gizelly Bicalho, on the left, and Felipe Prior, on the right. Reproduction/Instagram/@gizellybicalho/@felipeprior/Collage by Taiane Hotz .


Ex-BBB Gizelly Bicalho reveals shocking secret about Felipe Prior

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