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How to get a motorcycle insurance quote
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Getting a motorcycle insurance quote is the first step to finding good insurance for your motorcycle. Check out tips for getting the best insurance for you!

Due to technological advances, getting a quote for motorcycle insurance has become an easy task. The simulation can be done through insurance companies' websites or specialized pages on the subject.


Simply fill out a form and wait for a response from the company that will forward the price and insurance information quoted.

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Although it is easy, it is necessary to keep some important factors in mind to obtain good results. With this in mind, we prepared this article with guidance on how to quote motorcycle insurance. Check out!

How to get a motorcycle insurance quote

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What you should know to get a motorcycle insurance quote

The search for ideal motorcycle insurance starts with the quote, also referred to as an insurance simulation. It can be done in person at companies or insurance brokers or by digital means.


Find out the type of insurance you need

Just like car insurance, motorcycle insurance has varied coverage. There are those who understand and those who do not understand. The comprehensive ones are those that have multiple coverages and protections. Consequently, the premium for this type of insurance is more expensive.

The non-comprehensive ones offer a smaller number of coverages. Generally, robbery, theft and total loss are the risks covered by this insurance profile. Another feature is the more affordable price.

Being clear about the type of coverage that will meet your needs and that suits your profile as a driver will facilitate the motorcycle insurance quote process.

Enjoy the convenience of online motorcycle insurance quotes

Currently, by filling out online forms it is possible to simulate or quote insurance for your motorcycle. It only takes a few clicks.


Many insurers’ digital channels offer this functionality. There are also websites specialized in producing content about car insurance that provide this resource.

Generally, the quote is made by filling out a form with various details relating to the driver and the motorcycle.

Turnaround time varies depending on the site. Some carry out the simulation based on data collected quickly and send proposals straight away.

Others forward price simulations later via email address or even a messaging application.


Get a quote for motorcycle insurance from different companies

Don't restrict yourself to just one result. Look for different websites and companies.

This will allow you to compare different prices and increase the chances that you will find insurance that meets your demands and fits your budget.

Below are some guidelines for finding good candidate companies to simulate insurance.

Choose reliable motorcycle insurance providers

The most cautious measure when choosing the insurance companies from which you will obtain a motorcycle insurance quote is to turn to those that are already well established in the private insurance market.


Choosing widely known companies will prevent you from falling for fraud and harming yourself in the future.

Given the large number of car and motorcycle insurance providers operating, you may find some companies that you are not aware of when searching on the internet.

Therefore, if you come across a company that you consider suspicious, visit the website of the Private Insurance Superintendency, SUSEP.

This is the body responsible for controlling and supervising the insurance market. On the official website there is a page dedicated to supervised entities, where companies authorized by SUSEP can be consulted.


Check if the company has a link with the agency so as not to be deceived by false insurance companies. On the same website, it is also possible to check the complaints index of companies authorized by the agency.

If in doubt, talk to a broker

Given the ease of quoting insurance online, motorcycle insurance quotes can be made by the driver himself.

But, if when comparing prices and policies you have any doubts or don't understand something, don't hesitate: contact an insurance broker.

This professional is an expert in the area and will be able to answer your questions, explain clauses and help you close the best deal.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Know the insurance company’s reputation

After comparing prices and choosing the policy that best suits your needs, check the reputation of the chosen insurer.

Look for the problem resolution index on the company's page on Reclame Aqui and check out the most recurring problems reported by users.

It is important to carry out research before closing a deal because this measure will avoid contracting with a company that does not usually provide adequate assistance to its customers.

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How to get a motorcycle insurance quote

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How to get a motorcycle insurance quote


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How to get a motorcycle insurance quote

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