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how to protect your car for much longer!
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This article helps you learn more about the VW Gol and know how to make a better decision when you want to buy your new car or take out Gol insurance.

Who has never seen a goal? Impossible, isn't it? The car is one of the Volkswagen brand's best sellers and has been the sales leader for a long time.


There are more than three decades of history until today, where the model is in the garage of so many Brazilians.

It all started in 1980, being sold with a weak 1,300 air engine until it became one of drivers' favorites.

If I sell the car, can I transfer the insurance?

The arrival of the Gol GTi brought many new features to the automotive market and in 1995 it arrived in its second generation. Today, the Gol is already in its fifth generation, the G5, and is very successful.

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Gol Insurance: how to protect your car for much longer!

Image: Volkswagen

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Goal

It's not enough to just be the favorite of many drivers, but you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the VW Gol to make your decision on whether to buy one or not and even to take out car insurance.

As advantages, the reliability of its generations and its entire history has already shown that it is a car that can be trusted.

Furthermore, the economy is a fact that cannot be ignored when choosing your popular car, after all, if you were looking for a car that cost more money, you would immediately buy another model, right? This is a model that doesn't waste much and it is even possible to go from São Paulo to Belo Horizonte with a full tank, without even using all the fuel (there are cases where the tank is still half full). Of course, what also counts is stepping on the accelerator and being patient in going slowly.


Even in its most modern generation, the G5, the VW gol has cheap parts, and the maintenance of the model is not so expensive compared to other competitors (except for some GM models). Replacing parts can also be done more simply, reducing labor costs.

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However, as not everything in a car can be just an advantage, the Gol is the most stolen model in 2012, between the months of January and November. To give you an idea, there were 233,159 car robberies and thefts in Brazil in 2012 and of this number, 39,086 vehicles were Gol.

Why take out insurance for your Gol?

Statistics and numbers never lie. If the Gol is among the most stolen cars in 2012, not only being on the list, but also occupying first place in the highest rate of theft in the country, there is nothing better than protecting your vehicle from possible robberies and theft and ensuring your peace of mind. be above everything, including in traffic.


This means there is no need to leave your car in the garage or give up the advantages of having a Gol, as you just need to protect it correctly, with car insurance that is ideal for your needs.

What is the value of Gol insurance?

It is difficult to say for sure the value of Gol insurance, as there are several characteristics that positively or negatively influence the contract value. Insurers follow SUSEP rules, but are also free to offer different services. Simply quote here at and receive plans with services and values ​​offered by each one.

On average, as it is among the most stolen cars and still ranks first, the entry-level Gol model costs, on average, R$1,900.00, which could be more or less.

The best way to protect your Gol is to take out car insurance that meets your needs.


how to protect your car for much longer!

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how to protect your car for much longer!

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