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Insomnia cure

Cure your depression in 6 simple steps & start sleeping for 8 hours every night – in just 3 days!
Cure Insomnia – I spent 15 years of my life hampered by lack of sleep. I was pushed from doctor to doctor, pill to pill, consultant to psychologist and eventually to the leading insomnia specialist in Europe.

Sleep for me was always a real night. I never looked forward to my bedtime because 9 times out of 10 I would fall asleep and wake up feeling lethargic and gloomy.

I did not understand why I could not fall asleep immediately, and why when I fell asleep I could not stay asleep for 7 or 8 hours as “normal people” did.


“Unprotected, I embarked on a mission to find the cure for insomnia.”

Insomnia cure

Insomnia cure

After several courses of sleeping pills, blood tests and more, my fortunes changed when my doctor referred me to a sleep hygiene therapist at a sleep clinic on Harley Street in London.

At the time this was considered a new form of insomnia, and it was gradually used by the medical profession as a way to cure insomnia naturally without benzodiazepines, which at that time was famous for being causing insomnia rebound and heaps of side effects.

After my first session I was really motivated. I began to realize that my sleep was affected by many aspects of my lifestyle, things I could change and control myself, without the need for pills.


For starters I was involved in music, which meant late nights and going to bed at different times. I was also a part of an occasional cigarette before bed, something I then foolishly believed to be a restless.

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Over six weeks, my therapist taught me many interesting things about sleep, how the body responds to light exposure, and how hormones and brain movements play a major role in the sleep-cycle. sleep.

We talked about exercise and diet and how people lived 10,000 years ago compared to how they live today. It was unbelievable, and learning more about sleep greatly improved my sleep.

These sleep hygiene sessions changed my life in one fundamental way; they helped me turn the table in my favor. The experience gave me control to cure insomnia


I was empowered to cure my discomfort using natural methods I already had.

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How I regained possession of my sleep
So I revealed what I had learned and undertook a research mission. I put myself through trial and error until I fully understood all aspects of my environment and lifestyle that can affect my sleep.

I studied sleep through the ages, comparing the sleep pattern of our hunter-gatherer ancestors with the pattern of the modern man.

I discovered that insomnia had begun to manifest itself in society after the invention of electricity, and even more so after the agricultural revolution.


As I dug deeper, I discovered that just about everything people did was infertile in getting a good night’s sleep.

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From an unhealthy sleep cycle and lack of sun exposure to lack of exercise, eating the wrong foods, negative brain stimulation and an unfavorable sleep environment, it’s no surprise that we all struggle to sleep!

Through this research I established the Six Steps, a process that reprograms the body and creates and circulates a sleep-cycle using a good sleep hygiene approach.

The book was very well received, and I even received a congratulatory letter from my old sleep hygiene therapist!


Over the next year I continued the research, trying to find more practical ways to help myself and others get to sleep. My findings extended the next step to the six steps Insomnia cure even further, and I changed my life forever…

Find that changed everything
After studying lifestyle and environment, I began to study brainwave activity and how the brain responds to different lifestyle situations.

I learned that brain movements work in the same way that electrical equipment does. Brain waves are measured in Hz, and as electricity the changes change when turned up or down.

For example, when we are in a state of high anxiety, the speed of our brain movements increases, and when we are at rest, the speed of our brain movements decreases.


When the brain is fully conscious and awake (in Beta state) it runs at around 20 ~ 40 Hz, when we are in a very calm state (Theta state) the brain waves run at around 4hz-8hz, and in deep sleep (Delta state) our brains run at around 1-4hz.

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Cure Insomnia – This made perfect sense to me because my sleep therapist had announced years earlier that we need to slow down brain activity to stimulate sleep.

The Six Steps I have already developed through the use of ‘mind stimulators’ that help the brain connect bed with sleep, but I found an effective way to strengthen this process by listening to meditative music a special that uses theta and delta frequencies within the recording to relax the mind.

I discovered that it was possible to slow down brain movements by infusing the brain to release theta waves for deep rest and delta waves to promote deep sleep, just by listening to it. this particular music.


This was a key discovery that became the proverbial icing on the cake.

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Haven’t you heard of brain damage? Let me explain…
Thanks to some advanced study by Dr. Gerald Oster in 1973, it was learned that auditory signals could be used to train the brain (or ‘entrain’ to use the technical term) to automatically move to specific frequency ranges.

I won’t give you the best technical details, but we will say that binaural beats meditation music has been used all over the world to strengthen memory, increase focus and density, treat ADHD, depression and, among other things, insomnia treatment .

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And so I contacted the brainwave experts at, and three binaural beats soundtracks were developed specifically for use in conjunction with the Six Steps.


Powerful 3-time approach:
The Six Steps use good practical sleep hygiene methods to correct negative lifestyle and environmental conditions that contribute to insomnia.
The Six Steps use binaural beats (meditative music with specific frequencies) to cause the brain to settle into a theta brain state when it is time to relax and prepare for sleep, followed by a state of brain. delta when it comes time to sleep and start your overnight sleep cycles.
The Six Steps also come with a diet plan to help you boost your diet for healthier sleep and eliminate foods that disrupt your sleep cycles.




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