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Is car insurance essential? Understand with SeguroAuto!
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Having car insurance raises doubts as to whether it can really help and to what extent it is worth it. Even though it has a cost, it can bring financial benefits. Understand this situation better.

In Brazil, car insurance is optional and the only mandatory insurance for anyone who owns a vehicle is DPVAT, but it does not protect the vehicle itself.


In some other countries, having car insurance is mandatory, as it is understood that the person who caused an accident or damage to others must be responsible for them.

How to get a motorcycle insurance quote

Even knowing this information, many people still end up not needing vehicle insurance because they think they will pay for something they will never need to use.

There are still those who think that insurance is just a way for insurance companies to make money and that it brings no benefits. When a crash happens or the vehicle is stolen, this thinking can change a lot.

In fact, insurance serves as a reminder that things can happen and if something happens, you will have someone to turn to.


In the 2nd quarter of the year alone, there were 1,178 incidents of stolen and stolen cars in the country. The number of accidents is also a concern, especially if we consider that every year around 47 thousand people die as a result of traffic accidents.

Is having car insurance really essential?

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Reasons why car insurance is essential

If you already knew these numbers and still thought that car insurance was not necessary, there are other factors that can make you change your mind and understand its real importance.

Your car may be damaged and the person may not want to pay.

No matter how prudent you are when driving, it doesn't mean that others around you take the same precautions and you could end up involved in an accident.


The person responsible for the accident may be willing to pay for the damage, but this will not always happen. Not to mention that it is common for the person responsible to leave the premises without identifying themselves and you are left with all the losses.

If you have auto insurance, these costs may be covered by the insurance and your loss will be much less than if you had to pay the full cost of the repair.

You can cause harm

In a moment of distraction or small carelessness it can cause an accident and damage other cars.

Imagine having to pay for repairs to your vehicle and someone else’s. The situation can become even more serious if the other person's car is an expensive model that has a high cost, imagine how much your pocket would be affected.


Car insurance covers third-party damages precisely for those cases in which losses are caused unintentionally. There is a limit that can be used to compensate the injured person without you having to pay everything yourself.

It can also cover medical expenses and moral damages that would be additional costs.

A situation like this can already offset the entire amount that was paid for the entire insurance.

Thefts and robberies happen

Imagine your car being taken by criminals and you not having insurance. If it is recovered it may arrive completely damaged, but if it is not found there it is your property.


To replace the car, you would need to buy a new one, paying its full value and, if there is still any, the installments for your vehicle that was taken.

The vast majority of the time this becomes something unfeasible and very expensive and you are left only regretting whether you will be able to replace your property.

Auto insurance provides compensation so that you can buy a new vehicle and thus not need to look for other forms of transport or incur a loss.

You may be caught by surprise

No matter how much you take care of maintaining your car, it may have an electrical or mechanical problem, a flat tire or run out of gas.


There isn't always someone to contact and ask for help so you don't get stuck in the middle of the road.

With car insurance, you can count on 24-hour assistance services that will provide assistance in these and other situations and will take steps to resolve the problem.

Insurance is not for rich people

Contrary to popular belief, those who most need insurance are those who don't have money to spare.

When you take out car insurance, you can choose to pay for it in installments with amounts that fit your budget. So if something happens you will have to pay a small amount.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Those who are rich don't need to worry about insurance, because they know that if something happens they will have the cash amount to pay for the losses.

Insurance is something for those who know that risks can happen and don't want to have an embezzlement in their pockets.

Having car insurance is essential for people who like to take precautions, don't want to be surprised by extra expenses and don't want to be on foot. So, if you are in this situation, take advantage and get a quote for your car insurance now.


Is car insurance essential? Understand with SeguroAuto!

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Is car insurance essential? Understand with SeguroAuto!


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Is car insurance essential? Understand with SeguroAuto!


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