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Find out how important safety is on school transport!
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Vehicles that transport schools must strictly follow the rules, so that the safety of children using the service is guaranteed and parents can rest assured

With our lifestyle in which work and domestic activities combine, in Brazilian cities there are many parents looking for transport alternatives to take their children to school. Transport needs to be efficient so that children don't arrive late at school and don't get stuck in city congestion.


The question we ask is, do all parents know the rules for school transport, to check whether the vehicle hired is in accordance with the laws of their municipality? Do all school transport services follow traffic laws?

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The rules for school transport are in article 136 of the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), in addition to what is provided in municipal laws. Monitoring of laws is carried out by the traffic departments of each state and other traffic control bodies. When hiring the service, it is important to check its compliance with these standards.

With the end of the year approaching, planning begins for the upcoming new year, including studying the conditions of the services offered and the budget. For those who already have a busy schedule, one issue becomes important: transporting their children to school.

School transport vehicles can be owned by self-employed people, micro-enterprises or even the school itself. Some basic precautions need to be taken, before the service contract and afterwards.

Find out how important safety is on school transport

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School transport standards required by law

The rules for school transport can be classified into two broad categories, those that refer to the vehicle and those that refer to the driver of the vehicle.

Regarding the vehicle

  1. He must be regularly registered with the Detran of the state in which the service is provided. The authorization document must be posted in a visible place, inside the vehicle, mentioning the maximum number of passengers, stipulated by the manufacturer.
  2. The vehicle must be inspected at least twice a year, when mandatory items will be checked, mainly seat belts and rear view mirrors, among others.
  3. The yellow band, with the inscription “ESCOLAR” must be visible along the entire length of the vehicle body, on the sides and rear, at half height.
  4. The vehicle must have equipment that records speed and time, which must be unalterable and in perfect condition.
  5. It is necessary to have yellow or white flashlights, in the upper front part and in the upper rear part.
  6. It must have independent belts for each seat and in perfect condition for use.
  7. The maximum number of passengers allowed for the vehicle must be respected.

As for the driver

1 – The driver of the school transport vehicle must be over 21 years old.

2 – You must have a specific license from Detran, in Category D.

3 – You cannot have a record of any very serious infraction or repeat offense in a medium infraction, in the last 12 months.


4 – You need to complete and pass a specialization course.

5 – You must be up to date with a toxicological exam, with a broad detection spectrum.

The requirements are established in specific rules, when they are not met, parents can suspend the service and demand a refund of the amount paid, with monetary adjustment or a discount proportional to the total amount.

An example occurs in the city of Curitiba, with 854 accredited school transport vehicles, including minibuses, vans and buses, there is a municipal law (Law No. 11328/2004) which requires public permission to explore this type of service. The vehicle must have a minimum capacity of 10 passengers, a license to travel, safety items, cleanliness, conservation and documentation in order for the vehicle and driver. Urbs and traffic agents carry out inspections.


The importance of prevention

A school transport driver, to perform this role, needs to be very committed to the activity, because the great responsibility of transporting children is in their hands, which is why they need to follow the rules and legislation seriously.

Obeying the legislation is essential to avoid accidents. According to information from the NGO Criança Segura, which promotes the prevention of accidents with children up to 14 years of age, in 2016, 12,228 children suffered traffic accidents and were hospitalized, with a total of 1,389 deaths, across the country.

Accidents can happen during transport or even near schools. According to research by Criança Segura, there are risk situations during boarding and disembarking. Safety at this time is the responsibility of drivers, who, if they don't know how to act correctly, can put boys and girls at risk and run overs can happen.

In São Paulo, Detran carries out constant preventive operations near schools. In a month, the Department usually inspects the transport of 15 schools. This year, for example, in the month of March, 60 vehicles were examined, with 55 fines issued, 26 of which related to the driver's lack of authorization to drive school transport and the others to poor condition of the vehicle, lack of licensing and obey the order to stop at the blockade. Among the 60 vehicles examined, 26 did not comply with safety standards, such as broken signal lights and lack of seat belts.


Therefore, this demonstrates the importance of parents paying attention to the service provided, checking whether the driver has specific authorization and whether the vehicle documentation is in order. Parents can report any problem by contacting the transit authority in the city where they live.

Together with teachers and schools, parents can organize educational activities, such as booklets, so that everyone can clarify doubts and irregularities are inhibited.

Get informed to avoid inconvenience

1 – Check at the state or city Detran, even online and free of charge, information about authorized drivers and vehicles, using the driver's name and vehicle license plate.

2 – Observe the service provided daily. Pay close attention to the behavior of children and the driver when boarding home. Ask your child how the driver drives, if he usually runs and if he is wearing a seat belt.


3 – Write down the driver’s details, such as full name, ID, CPF and telephone numbers. In an unforeseen situation you may need this information.

4 – Talk and ask for information from the parents of other children, to learn more about the service provided.

5 – Give preference to school transport in which there is an auxiliary monitor on board, to help with the children, although this is not mandatory by law, it is an important differentiating point.


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Find out how important safety is on school transport!

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Find out how important safety is on school transport!


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Find out how important safety is on school transport!


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