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Is it worth taking out car insurance? Compare!
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Is it worth taking out auto insurance or is this an unnecessary investment? Find out here!

You may have already asked yourself whether or not to invest in car insurance. Most Brazilians consider this an expense that can compromise their household income.


Others know that the cost of insurance does not weigh much on the budget, if you consider the expense when suffering an accident. However, there are drivers who have had this protection for years, but never contacted the insurance company. For these, the doubt is about the amount invested, which could have yielded a lot if invested in other investments.

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In both cases, the question of whether to take out auto insurance or not is quite common. So, is it worth going without this protection?

Is it worth taking out car insurance?  Compare the values ​​and find out!

Image: Pixabay/Aymanejed

Insurance expert recommends taking out auto insurance

According to Jeniffer Elaina, insurance specialist and content and SEO manager for the Smartia Seguros website, going without this protection is a mistake. She explains that, from her own experience, it's not worth thinking that cutting your insurance is a way to save money.


This is because, when an unforeseen event occurs, you will have to take out money from other debts and even take out a loan, thus incurring other debts to repair your vehicle and, in many cases, those of third parties.

Survey carried out by Smartia Seguros compares prices of expenses with and without car insurance

Check out some surveys carried out by Smartia Seguros, together with TEx, and compare the prices of the most common expenses, with and without car insurance!

  1. See some examples of the value of complete car insurance and the total of the most common expenses for car repairs, without insurance!
Model Average expenses without insurance = hood, front bumper, headlight and front fender, respectively Average car insurance price
EcoSport R$600 + R$800 + R$900 + R$333= R$2,633.00 Niterói/RJ: R$ 3,683.18
Goal R$ 1,100 + R$ 950 + R$ 601 + R$ 240 = R$ 2,891.00 Chapecó/SC: R$ 2,037.52
Fox R$ 640 + R$ 1,100 + R$ 506 + R$ 300 = R$ 2,546.00 São Gonçalo/RJ: R$ 5,995.34
  1. Check the expenses, on average, with Hyundai HB20 for drivers without car insurance:
  • Hood: R$805.31
  • Front fender (each): R$ 188.35
  • Front bumper: R$ 515.42
  • Lighthouse (each): R$ 414.11
  • Total: R$ 1,923.19

If the driver had taken out car insurance, in addition to other included coverage and services, he would not have the headache of having to resolve everything alone and immediately.

See the value of complete car insurance for a driver who lives in the following cities:

  • Ribeirão Preto/SP: R$ 2,039.48
  • Osasco/SP: R$ 3,408.60

Please note that the vehicle insurance price above includes other protections, such as: against robbery and theft, damage due to natural phenomena, services such as tire change, towing, bodywork service, electrical inspection, spare car, friendly driver, among others. .

Furthermore, this is an example of a quote made in the profile above, that is, for a resident of the state of São Paulo who has taken out comprehensive insurance.


It is worth noting that the price of car insurance varies depending on the driver's profile, vehicle analysis and model, coverage contracted and other factors.

It is worth knowing that the prices for the services described also vary, depending on the place where the vehicle is repaired.

To obtain the value of car insurance, you must obtain a personalized quote.

Is it worth taking out car insurance?

Is it worth taking out car insurance?
Is it worth taking out car insurance?

When adding up the costs of a claim, it is more profitable to take out car insurance. No matter how high the insurance value may seem, it can be paid in installments and covers several services.

Not to mention that, in the event of robbery and theft, when the vehicle is not located, the driver is reimbursed, according to the FIPE table. And in the most difficult and stressful moments, the insured can count on the support of specialized professionals. They take care of all the bureaucratic aspects.

Auto insurance can be cheaper

Jeniffer Elaina states that, to save money when taking out car insurance, it is essential to take out essential coverage. When in doubt, she recommends consulting an insurance broker registered with SUSEP.

Additionally, there are ways to make car insurance cheaper. They include:

  • Not having fines and being involved in accidents.
  • Being a woman (the value of car insurance for women is lower).
  • Have more time on your driver's license (driving experience counts).
  • Do not live in places with a high crime rate.
  • Take out popular insurance.

Therefore, whether or not to take out car insurance depends on what the driver considers most. By choosing to contract, you may not need to contact the insurance company. But know that if you need it, it will be much more worth having this protection.


Is it worth taking out car insurance? Compare!

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Is it worth taking out car insurance? Compare!


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Is it worth taking out car insurance? Compare!


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