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Find out which are the essential pieces of clothing in your everyday life

It is notable that clothing works as your marketing, that is, a person is capable of conveying a certain impression depending on the clothing he is wearing. For this reason, in addition to taking into account the appropriate environment for clothing, it is extremely important to pay attention both to the colors and to the combinations of the garments.

With that in mind, in this article I will bring some pieces that are indispensable for the wardrobe of those who like to be always well dressed.



Blazers are a great choice if you want to look more sophisticated, whether for that job interview or for business meetings and parties.

They have already been used by celebrities such as Sheron Menezes and Lázaro Ramos.

In the photo below, sheron, with loose hair, uses the blazer as a form of contrast with her T-shirt, and also complements it with black dress pants. In addition, she wasted no time and also invested in a necklace that also matches the entire outfit.


Actress Sheron Menezes wears a black blazer. Photo: Fabio Cordeiro/ Ed. Globe

The actor Lazaro Ramos matched the blue blazer, showing a little more lightness and seriousness at the same time. In this way, it was possible to look sophisticated and also not lose your personal style.

Lázaro Ramos wearing a blue blazer. Photo/Reproduction: Website Yes to Racial Equality.

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tailoring pants


Tailored pants are perfect for giving the look that more laid-back touch. It can be easily used on the most varied occasions, either like the ones I mentioned above, like going on a trip, having a picnic outdoors or even going to the mall with friends.

The play was the bet of Cindy Bruna at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Very complete, the model appeared with beige tailored pants, along with a low-cut blazer in the front. She arrived daring, with transparent black gloves and a million-dollar black scarf.

If the goal was to pass sophistication, she knows she succeeded!


Cindy Bruna at Cannes 2023. Photo: Reuters

Black dress

Who doesn’t like that basic little black dress, right? Black is a multipurpose color, after all, it goes with any other color. In addition, this color can work very well on its own if you prefer to look more serious and don’t want to ”come up”.

The black dress is perfect for leisure activities and especially for you who want to give a stylish close-up to that party you like to go on the weekend.


Tais Araujo. Photo: André Nicolau/Reproduction/Instagram / They on the Red Carpet

Variations: t-shirts, tank tops and croppeds

It is important to have variations in your wardrobe, such as: tank tops, t-shirts and croppeds to make it easier to adapt to any piece of clothing, be it shorts, pants or even a skirt.

the rapper Lennon, who likes to always appear with impeccable looks that match, is an example among the artists who wear tank tops. In the look below, he combined the green tank top with pants also in the same color, and complemented it with a golden chain.


And as always, as the good fans already know, the cap and the close-up in front of the mirror couldn’t be missing, right?

Rapper Lennon. Playback/Pinterest

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The iconic rapper Karol Conká, always very daring, combined her pink braids with a gray jacket. With pink glasses on her face and giant green earrings, Conká gave her a close-up and the shorts were an essential piece so that she could deliver everything.

I want to see who ”will put her on the wall” now, huh?


Karol Conka. Photo: Glamor


Shorts are essential for those days when the sun is impossible to bear. With this, it becomes essential to wear cooler clothes, since we cannot count on climate variations.

The dancer and digital influencer Brunna Goncalves is an artist who is totally in favor of wearing shorts, because they are often part of her looks.


clip style paparazzi from the Lady GagaBrunna put on the glasses, her black cropped, the jacket and the shorts and reacted!

Brunna Gonçalves. Playback/Instagram @brunnagoncalves

The singer Marvvilla loves to sing and anyone who watched BBB must have noticed that she also loves to dance. Therefore, the shorts become a good bet, especially for people who like to be more comfortable and have fun on the ride without worry.

In addition, the pagodeira also complemented it with a ring, a chain and a baphonic make-up.


Marvvilla. Playback/Instagram @marvvila

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For sure, with each of these pieces, or just one, you can put together your million-dollar look and rock out there! If you liked the tips, just keep following the next articles, so you stay on top of all the trends and know what’s happening in the fashion world.

Featured photo: Singer Iza. Playback/Instagram/@iza


Find out which are the essential pieces of clothing in your everyday life

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