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Kipchoge versus Kiptum in Berlin. It will be?

There is still nothing official, but everything indicates that we will have the race of the century in the German capital

The Gods of Racing must have pulled their strings and what could be considered the race of the century and the clash between two generations in the Berlin Marathon, considered the best in the world and stage of several world records, is being designed.

On one side of the ring would be Eliud Kipchoge38 years old, the GOAT, the Greatest Of All Time, the best of all time, with a record of two world records, 18 marathons and 15 victories.

Among these 15 victories, two Olympic golds stand out (Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021) and 10 of these victories came in majors – he is four times champion of Berlin (2015/17/18/22), four times of London (2015/16/18 /19), champion in Chicago (2014) and Tokyo (2022). He is the current world record holder, 2:01:09 (Berlin 2022).


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From the other side of the ring, we might see Kelvin Kiptum23, who has taken the marathon world by storm with just two marathons and two sensational wins under his belt.

In his first, in Valencia 2022, he scared everyone by winning the race in 2:01:53 (course record), doing the second half in 1:00:15, and thus becoming the third man to break the barrier 2:02, with the fourth fastest time in history. His second marathon was even more impressive: he won London 2023 in 2:01:25, also a course record, completing the second half in an absurd 59:45. It’s clear that Kiptum doesn’t know how to joke.

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The elite peloton not yet officially announced by the Berlin Marathonbut behind the scenes, it is already known that Kelvin Kiptum would have agreed to run the German race right after his crushing victory in London. In the hallways of Kenya and among international athletes’ agents, it’s already taken for granted that Eliud Kipchoge also agreed to run Berlin so that we can see the clash of generations, with who knows, another world record, why not?


If that happens, it will be the Kip vs Kip, the Kip-Challenge. Kip-erigo for the world record…

Anyway, we need exactly the confirmation of the German race because it is clear that the Chicago, New York and Valencia marathons must be in a tremendous auction to see who takes one of the two or both. Let’s wait!

Information has circulated that Kiptum and other great athletes would have asked for a waiver in order not to run the Athletics World Championship marathon to run some event in the second half. Look, this always happens and it’s more common than it seems because Kenya never takes the “A” team to the World Cup. The only marathon they never ask to be excused from is the Olympics, for obvious reasons.

Kipchoge versus Kiptum in Berlin. It will be?

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