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Legends of Tomorrow

Dominic Purcell caused controversy by announcing his departure from the DC series “Legends of Tomorrow” and backtracked after criticizing Warner Bros, the studio responsible for the production. The actor plays Mick Rory, the Thermal Wave.

In an already deleted post on Instagram, Dominic said he had no interest in returning, “no matter how much money”. He further said that “the studio does not care”. “The talent and work ethic of the actors must give them the confidence to question the authorities,” he added.

Later, however, he backtracked on criticism: “Why are people going crazy about me leaving the series? Yes, my tone was straightforward, I’m like that. If I have a fight with Warner? No”.


Hours later, the actor returned to comment on the situation and said he would not leave the series for good, but would decrease his participation in the future seventh season, which is until when his contract goes.

“Yes, I said that the studio doesn’t care. This is wrong, of course they do. I was just very emotional. We all work for a big machine. Sometimes, it just happens. It’s life”, wrote.

I have always had a great relationship with the bosses and the studio. I wrote in an aggressive tone because sometimes I get frustrated. It was a very, very long year, stuck in Vancouver for 9 months without going home. Who wouldn’t freak out? I am human. So please relax.


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