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Lula says he will demarcate as many indigenous lands as possible

This Friday (28th), then-president Lula said that his objective was to fulfill one of the promises he made before being elected, which was to demarcate the largest possible number of indigenous lands, during the period in which he was in office. government. However, according to the president, the process takes time and is not easy.

In his speech, the president stated that he will fulfill his promise, however, it will take time and that his minister is willing to work to make it happen.


Lula alongside indigenous leader Raoni Metuktire (Reproduction/Twitter SecomVc)

“I wanted you to be aware that we are going to do everything we said we were going to do during the campaign. We are going to legalize indigenous lands. It is a somewhat lengthy process. Our minister (Sonia Guajajara, from Povos Indígenas) knows about the process, it has to go through many hands and we are going to have to work a lot so that we can demarcate the largest possible number of indigenous lands” said Lula. In addition, the President also said: “I want not to leave any indigenous land that is not demarcated in my four-year term. This is a commitment that I have and that I made with you before the campaign”

The president made these allegations while visiting Camp Terra Livre, in the capital of the Federal District. During the visit, Lula made the demarcation of six indigenous lands, which are located in six of the Brazilian states. inputs, tools and equipment for the flour mills (where cassava is converted into flour), with the aim of increasing the productive quality of the indigenous people of the Yanomami community.

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Lula spoke about the conditions of children and adults in relation to hunger and that he would never, as a ruler, allow people to reach such conditions.


“I never imagined that there was a government that let children and adults live in such conditions. People who could hardly get up from hunger. Children with arms as thick as a finger due to lack of food in a country that is the third largest producer of food in the world. Those people were forgotten, they were being held hostage by miners” spoke the PT president.

The ceremony has been repeated since 2004 and has been attracting hundreds of indigenous peoples to Brasília every year, with the aim of fighting for their rights.

The event was attended by First Lady Janja da Silva, ministers Sônia Guajajara (Indigenous Peoples), Maria Silva (Environment and Climate Change), Márcio Macêdo (General Secretariat), Esther Dweck (Management), Wellington Dias (Social Development and Fight against Hunger), Paulo Pimenta (Secretary of Social Communication), also the president of Funai, Joenia Wapichana, the leader of the government in the National Congress, senator Randolfe Rodrigues, and chief Raoni Metuktire — known throughout the planet for fighting for the preservation of the Amazon and also of indigenous peoples.

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Last year, before making his candidacy official for the presidency, the current president was present at the camp and said that if he were elected, his government would have a ministry focused on indigenous peoples, in addition, he promised to return to the demarcation of indigenous lands, stops since 2018.


According to the president’s team, there were about 13 territories for demarcation, requiring only a decree as a way to end the process of territorial protection. The expectation was that this would occur in the first 100 days of the president’s government, which did not happen.

See the list of lands that were demarcated by Lula during this Friday (28):

  • Population of 434 people, TI Arara do Rio Amônia (AC);
  • Population of 2,300 people, TI Kariri-Xocó (AL);
  • Population with 143 people, TI Rio dos Índios (RS);
  • Population with 580 people, TI Tremembé da Barra do Mundaú (CE);
  • Population with 249 people, TI Uneiuxi (AM);
  • Population with 9 people, TI Avá-Canoeiro (GO).

During the visit, two decrees were also signed with the aim of causing fear in the National Council for Indigenous Policy (CNPI) and establishing the Management Committee of the National Police for Territorial and Environmental Management of Indigenous Lands (PNGATI).

The committee aims to promote and guarantee the protection, conservation, recovery and sustainable use of natural resources in indigenous territories.

Featured Photo: Lula on his trip to the indigenous camp. Playback/Twitter Lula


Lula says he will demarcate as many indigenous lands as possible

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