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Madonna confirms she is coming to Brazil

After numerous clues and suspicions that the queen of pop was coming to Brazil, the Itaú bank announced this Thursday afternoon (21), that Madonna is coming to the country. Still without confirming the location and date, a post made on social media announced more information soon.

The biggest show of your career

Suspicions about Madonna's unprecedented show began to spread after a Brazilian portal publicized the suspicion of a show by the singer on May 5th. Then, thousands of fans discovered that the Copacabana Palace hotel, close to where the waterfront shows take place, will be blocked between May 1st and 6th.


The artist is traveling the world with the tour “The Celebration Tour”, which celebrates her 40 years of career. So far, the last confirmed show will take place in Mexico, however, the show in Copacabana could mark its biggest audience.

check the schedule for the second day

The event would be held by Banco Itaú as a way to jointly celebrate the artist's 40th anniversary and the Brazilian bank's 100th anniversary. Something similar happened last year, when DJ Alok performed a free show on the same beach to celebrate Copacabana Palace's 100th anniversary.

Madonna has already been to Brazil three times. In 1993, she went on the “The girlie show” at Maracanã, in Rio and at the Morumbi Stadium, in São Paulo, in 2008, it was time for the tour “Sticky & Sweet”, in both locations. In 2012, the queen of pop brought “MDNA Tour”the largest production by a female artist so far, and the shows took place at the Morumbi Stadium, in São Paulo, at the Parque dos Atletas in Rio and at the extinct Estádio Olímpico Monumental, in Porto Alegre.

Madonna confirms coming to Brazil (Video: reproduction/instagram/@itaú)

Controversies and millionaire cachet

Even before any type of announcement was made by the bank sponsoring the event, several controversies arose around the idea of ​​a concert by the pop singer on the sands of Rio's beach. This is because some rumors suggest that the residents of the neighborhood would not have liked to know that there would be a Madonna concert on the beach. According to rumors that were circulating, a residents' association had filed a lawsuit preventing the event, however, the president of the neighborhood's residents' association, Tony Teixeira, says that the decision is up to the city hall. “NOur entity is neither for nor against the event. But we believe that there must be a reinforcement of public security, so that there are no risks to citizens“, he said.


Another controversy would have come from the singer herself who, upon learning about the show being announced ahead of schedule, would have been dissatisfied and asked for an even higher fee, around 17 million reais, to be able to perform in the city. This amount would have been paid by a sponsor who accepted the offer.

But what we know now is that Madonna is officially returning to Brazil and more information will soon be released.

Featured Photo: Madonna in official advertising for Banco Itaú (Reproduction/instagram/@madonna)


Madonna confirms she is coming to Brazil

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Madonna confirms she is coming to Brazil

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