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10 games that turned things around after a disastrous launch

In current times, companies have the chance to release countless fixes and extra content for their games. While this is a great thing, some companies ended up releasing unfinished games or games with little content that ended up having a disastrous debut. But some of them were not abandoned and managed to turn things around, becoming excellent games that are worth playing.

Assassin's Creed Unity
Image: Ubisoft / Disclosure

Ubisoft rushed too quickly and ended up releasing a prototype of what would be Assassin's Creed: Unity. Riddled with bugs and performance issues, the game went through dozens of patches and months of fixes that took time to make the game what it is today. Even though it's not the best in the franchise, the final version of the game is very fun.

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Fallout 76
Image: Bethesda / Disclosure

It's not common to see a Bethesda game on lists like this. The proposal to create a game in the franchise with online aspects was a disaster due to the rushed launch, full of bugs and little – and we are being generous – content. After a while, the game became a great title that deserves to be played.

Halo – The Master Chief Collection
Image: Xbox Game Studios / Disclosure

What was supposed to be a unique experience for fans and those who had never played the franchise, turned out to be a much worse version of the originals. There were several bugs in the campaign and multiplayer that did not exist in the original games. 343 worked for a few years to deliver a definitive version of the collection and included Halo: Reach as a freebie to please fans.

Tom Clancy's The Division
Image: Ubisoft / Disclosure

With a beautiful proposal and following the trend of games as a service, The Division debuted as a game without much content. Basically, players had a short story and a repetitive endgame, which went against all the advertisements. The DLCs and some updates did not make the game attractive and, although everything indicated that the game would slowly die, Ubisoft listened to the community and managed to create an incredible experience – and learned the lesson for the launch of its successor.

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Diablo III
Image: Blizzard / Disclosure
Image: Blizzard / Disclosure

Close to the launch of the Reaper of Souls expansion, Blizzard completely overhauled the game, putting an end to the Auction House and making several changes that improved everything in the game, which remains alive to this day.

Image: Bungie / Disclosure

Destiny arrived wanting to revolutionize the world of games, especially the idea of ​​games as a service. But not even the game's surreal budget prevented an incomplete release. Even without performance problems and refined gameplay, the story left something to be desired. After more than a year, the major expansion The Taken King has made the game practically perfect, as expected since its release.

Sea of ​​Thieves
Image: Xbox Game Studios / Disclosure

Sea of ​​Thieves brought a fun proposal and met expectations right at its launch. But, just as players were interested in sailing the seas as pirates, interest quickly faded – there wasn't much to do in the game and the number of players soon plummeted. But Rare didn't abandon the game and started bringing numerous expansions, following the season system. Currently, the game still receives fun updates and has a loyal audience.

No Man's Sky
Image: Hello Games / Disclosure

Perhaps the greatest example of an unfulfilled promise in the history of games. With the possibility of exploring infinite planets in a randomly generated system, the developers promised large ships, multiplayer encounters and planets full of life and other things to discover. But the result was a game that was all about exploring… nothing. The company began releasing major updates until it made No Man's Sky everything it is today: an incredible game.

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Final Fantasy XIV
Image: Square Enix / Disclosure

With beautiful graphics and a soundtrack worthy of any Final Fantasy, the game was simply horrible. The problems were so bad that Square Enix created an apocalyptic event in the game and shut down the servers. Almost a year later, the company relaunched it and, this time, brought an excellent game that stands up to World of Warcraft in the world of MMOs.

Honorable Mention: Cyberpunk 2077
Image: CD Projekt RED / Disclosure

Recognized for hits like The Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED promised to revolutionize the industry with something never seen before. However, even after suffering several postponements, Cyberpunk 2077 was released hastily and everyone knows the end of this story. It took a while, but the company followed through and now the game is everything fans expected at launch.


10 games that turned things around after a disastrous launch

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