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Maíra Cardi responds to Daniel Cady's comments and reveals pride and success

The history of tensions between Maíra Cardi It is Daniel Cady got a new chapter. This Wednesday (16), the 39-year-old weight loss coach once again refuted comments from the 38-year-old nutritionist. Recently, her husband Ivete Sangalo suggested that the influencer was famous for reasons “that we are ashamed”.

Without naming names, Cardi defended herself in a series of Stories and spoke about sexism

I'm very proud to be married to a f*ck man! Especially when we have a great partner, the best in Brazil in your area! But it's also important to be able to be someone outside the shadow of this f*ck person”, began the ex-BBB, who used “Do not need to change”, music by Sangalo, as the publication’s soundtrack.


The businessman's bride Thiago Nigro continued stating that he supports his beliefs because he has results: “I am very proud of having dried and brought health to the greatest artists in Brazil and more than 600 thousand people, regardless of who I am married to! And against facts there are no arguments”.

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Larissa Manoela, Anita, Ludmilla, Cleo Pires, Maiara, Maraísa, Lexa It is Thiago Silva are among the celebrities mentioned by Maíra in the speech. “Would it be possible for this number of artists, national team players, NBA players, businesspeople and more than 600 thousand people to hire my services if I wasn't good at what I do?”, she questioned.

Stating that her “drying” company has always aimed at the health of its customers, the influencer recalled moments from her life and left more hints for Cady. “Sexist talk like: 'having a reputation for other things that make us ashamed' I've heard a lot. I'm very proud of who I am! Remembering that it's been 10 years of work and with no one to put me here except me and God”, he concluded.

Maíra Cardi via social media (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@mairacardi)

In a video posted shortly after, Cardi poked the nutritionist again. “One important thing is that when people say bad things about us, our audience peaks. This is the time for us to show our work and make money. I don't know if you know how to do it, but I'm good at marketing, Dad. I can teach you“, he said.


Cady's jab came after a revelation brought by a follower

This Tuesday (15), while answering questions on his Instagram, Daniel came across an alleged statement from Cardi, which would have insinuated that the nutritionist's fame only existed because he was Ivete Sangalo's husband.

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Forget this woman, my people! Let's pray for her, that with faith in God she will get better. And another thing, I prefer to have fame, or be famous, I don't know what she means by that, for being married to a great woman, who is Ivete Sangalo, than to have fame for other things that we are ashamed of,” he commented.

Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@danielcady)

The clash, however, began with a video published by the weight loss coach, in which she listed a series of health problems supposedly associated with the consumption of a chocolate cake. A nutritionist by training, Cady decided to express her criticisms of the content.


Guys, be very careful with this type of content you find on the internet. This is called nutritional terrorism and it only worsens your relationship with your body and food. You don't need to stop eating cake, pizza, bread, etc. to lose weight or be healthy. We need to learn to eat, to relate to food and our bodies,” he declared.

In an ironic tone, Maíra countered the statement by posting a series of stories from her mentees, saying that she would start the day with “daily terrorism”.

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Featured photo: Maíra Cardi responds to Daniel Cady’s new hint. Reproduction/Instagram/@mairacardi/@danielcady.


Maíra Cardi responds to Daniel Cady's comments and reveals pride and success

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