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New Dutch electric city buses

The Dutch VDL Bus & Coach presented its new electric city bus line last Thursday. These Citea’s have been developed from the beginning as pure electric ones, just as they are with the youngest generation of electric cars. This means that this new generation of buses must be even more widely deployable. spoke to commercial director Marcel Jacobs and business manager public transport Alex de Jong about the new VDL Citea’s.

VDL Bus &Coach’s new generation of electric buses includes eight years and more than 100 million kilometres of experience with electric buses.

“In 2013 – much to the surprise of our competitors – we took the first steps with electric buses. There was no market for that at the time, but it did allow us to build up a lot of knowledge quickly and quickly. We are reaping the benefits of now that electric mobility has become the standard in public transport. So our company is also looked at very differently than eight years ago. One in five electric buses in Europe is a copy from our stable,” says Jacobs.


At the start of the development of the new VDL Citea’s, the company had a good idea of what the next generation of buses had to meet, thanks in part to the information gathered with the current generation of buses and the input of carriers at home and abroad.

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New Dutch electric city buses

“As a result, we not only had an idea of how a bus is usually used in the Netherlands, but also, for example, of the impact of the cold weather conditions in Scandinavia”, explains De Jong. As a result, VDL now says it now has a product in its hands that does not require concessions or compromises.

For example, the battery packs are processed in the floor for the first time, so that larger ones could be placed for a ditto driving range. This also results in extra space and comfort for the traveler. In addition, a lot of attention has been paid to streamlining and efficiency. For example, there is a special climate control for favorable power consumption.



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