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Dutch national team to Budapest? Here’s what you need to know



Dutch national team to Budapest

Dutch national team to Budapest

The Dutch national team will play its eighth final on 27 June in Budapest, Hungary. Orange fans can also be at that game, but the coronavirus is not out of the world yet. Here’s what you need to know about traveling to Hungary.

Just to be sure: don’t have a ticket for the game in the round of 16 of the European Championship? Then it will be quite a task to get one, as it turned out earlier on Friday.

Are you one of the lucky ones with a valid admission ticket in your pocket? Then you still have to get to Hungary. Due to the coronavirus, there are still a number of snags.


Dutch national team to Budapest

Dutch national team to Budapest
Dutch national team to Budapest

Without test or quarantine when travelling

Are you fully vaccinated? Then you can travel in the European Union without a test or quarantine, as was decided earlier this month in Brussels. Fully vaccinated means two jabs with the AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna corona vaccine or one jab with the Janssen vaccine. The last doses must be administered at least two weeks before departure.

People who have only had one jab because they have previously experienced an infection are also allowed to travel freely. This is registered as a complete vaccination, the Ministry of Health previously confirmed in conversation with

Children from the age of 12 should be able to present a recent test that shows that they are not infected or that they have produced enough antibodies against the coronavirus.

Flight options are limited (Dutch national team to Budapest)

KLM operates a direct flight to Budapest three times a day. However, you are reliant on the 8.50am flight on June 27 if you want to get to the stage without much haste unless you leave a day earlier. A trip via Paris with KLM and AirFrance is an alternative, as are flights with Lufthansa. From Budapest Airport, bus lines 100E and 200E take you to the city centre.

The Puskás Aréna, where the Netherlands plays the eighth final, is about 1,364 kilometers away from us from the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht. As a result, you can easily be on the road for fourteen hours by car, according to route planners.


Because you are passing through Germany by car, the registration, test or quarantine obligation will lapse. The same applies to Austria, although you must be able to prove that you are actually passing through during a check. After all, don’t forget your Autobahn vignette for Austria and your e-vignette for Hungary.

The Hungarian Government intends to reopen its borders with the Schengen countries on 24 June, provided that the corona situation in the country allows it. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó announced this on Wednesday.

By train you will lose fourteen hours anyway and you will also have to leave a day earlier, otherwise you will be late. For a one-way trip you will lose at least 169,90 euros and you have to switch twice.

Dutch team as group winners at the European Championships
Dutch national team to Budapest

Tourist trips to Hungary not possible

Although the KNVB is in talks with the local authorities of Budapest about setting up a fan zone, do not make the mistake of going to Hungary to taste the Orange atmosphere.

Tourist trips to the country are not possible and there is an entry ban. Travelling with an Orange fan without having a valid European Championship ticket is therefore not possible. Only with the checklist below do you escape the quarantine obligation and travel restrictions in force in Hungary.


To enter Hungary, as an Orange fan you have to:

  • Have a vaccination certificate with you that is no older than six months
  • Be able to show a negative PCR test that is no older than 72 hours if you do not have proof of vaccination. The test result must be in English or Hungarian on paper and you must have this paper with you
  • Agreeing to undergo a medical examination
  • Be in possession of a valid admission ticket to a European Championship competition

COVID-19 bracelet mandatory (Dutch national team to Budapest)

Once you arrive in Budapest you will have to get a so-called COVID-19 bracelet. This is possible on arrival at the airport or at the two pick-up points near the stadium(map). As a Dutch fan, you need a negative PCR test that is no older than 72 hours. In addition, you must also show your passport or ID card.

In order to enter the Puskás Aréna, you must also have a face mask with you in addition to your admission ticket and COVID-19 bracelet. Bags larger than A4 size are not allowed, as are umbrellas and food and drinks. Flags and banners must not exceed 2 by 1.5 metres.

At the moment, Oranjefans do not have to quarantine when they return to the Netherlands and do not have to hand over a negative corona test. This is because the corona situation in Hungary does not give rise to this (for the time being), according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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