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Obama advises Biden to defeat Trump in the elections

Former President Barack Obama paid a visit to the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, at the White House for a private dinner last Friday (22). Biden was Obama's vice president during his administration.

During the visit, Obama spent several hours with his former vice president, advising on the elections. To CNN, according to sources familiar with it, the country's first black president stated in recent months that the race will be fierce between Biden and Donald Trump, and that it will be a significant moment for “everyone gets their hands dirty“.


Biden, Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi participated in the meeting organized at the White House to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. During the video, Obama informed the need for the current president and Vice President Kamala Harris to remain in power.

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Advice from Barack Obama

According to sources close to him, Obama told Biden that the president's State of the Union comments were effective and successful, and warned him that health care will be a major political issue.

According to CNN, Biden's campaign created content to be released in the coming weeks with the two presidents, they also said that Obama and Biden talk directly about the elections.

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Joe Biden and Barack Obama (Photo: reproduction/Getty Images Embed)

Jim Messina, Obama's former campaign manager, is working as Biden's closest adviser. For CNN, he stated that Obama is willing to help Biden secure his second term in the White House, and that mission has become more urgent with Trump being the likely Republican nominee.

“President Obama once told me that every president is a reflection of the previous president, and he is right.”said Messina. “Trump was the complete opposite of Obama and Biden is the complete opposite of Trump.”


Doubled effort

What is expected is that appearances and involvement in the campaign will be more frequent with the elections approaching. Obama is working to rebuild Biden's 2020 victory.

To this end, the president plans efforts for re-election, and the first event he will attend is a fundraiser this Thursday (28) in Manhattan, together with Biden and former president Bill Clinton. The three will participate in a conversation moderated by Stephen Colbert.

The event will be attended by several celebrities and stars, and tickets have already been sold out. The campaign reported that artists Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Cynthia Erivo, Mindy Kaling, Ben Platt and Lea Michele will be present.

Biden re-election campaign

Biden's campaign, along with the former president, has raised more than $15 million so far. A contest called 'Meet the Presidents,' highlighting just them, raised about $3 million, according to the campaign.


Leading up to the November elections, one area that will be a big focus and difficult one will be motivating young Americans, especially black and Latino voters, who are seen as a weak constituency for running.

According to advisors, no travel plans have yet been made for the campaign, but the former president will possibly visit universities in the fall, as well as large cities in battleground states.

Obama's main concern is with the conflict between Israel and Gaza, one of the main challenges facing Biden. Furthermore, along with reproductive rights issues, this will be Obama's main message to voters. He has been clear about his willingness to support his former vice president's re-election efforts. Obama's support and popularity, as one of the best-known Democrats, are key points for Biden's re-election, in addition to his advice.

Featured photo: Joe Biden and Barack Obama campaigning for the Democrats (reproduction/Getty Images Embed/Mark Makela)


Obama advises Biden to defeat Trump in the elections

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