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Older drivers have cheaper car insurance
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When older drivers take out car insurance, they tend to get better prices compared to drivers aged 18 to 24, when insurance is more expensive. This happens because with age people tend to become more cautious in traffic and attention when driving increases a lot.

According to statistics, the older you are, the lower the number of traffic accidents people get involved in. Prudence when driving combined with experience means that drivers between 40 and 70 years old have an advantage. However, from this age onwards, insurance prices may increase again, because the driver's reflexes decrease significantly.


Another factor that contributes to the reduction in insurance premiums for older drivers is the fact that people drive less, because there is no longer a need to go from home to work every day and the car is now used more for children. tours. This way it is possible not only to reduce the mileage driven and consequently the risk of being involved in an accident but also the costs of vehicle maintenance.

Average price for 2017 Strada insurance

There are even some insurance companies that have specific products for people over 60 years of age, so car insurance is made with characteristics that cater to this audience.

Older drivers have cheaper car insurance

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How to not let your insurance increase

Although age is not the only factor that determines the value of the insurance, it is therefore necessary to pay attention to some points so that they do not increase the value of your insurance.


Leaving your car on the street, especially at night, is a price killer, as the risk of theft can increase significantly.

Anyone who has other people with whom they share the use of the car should also be careful, because if there is, for example, a young grandson who drives the vehicle, the responsibility is shared and so is the value.

A bad driving record may not help, even if the driver is the only one and is 60 years old. This is because when profiling the driver you can see that he is easily involved in accidents. Therefore, being older drivers will not 100% mean a lower value on your car insurance.

When to stop driving

Although insurance for older people is lower, you need to know when to stop driving so that this action does not present risks, so pay attention to some tips.

  • Difficulty seeing signs and signs that are at a distance that previously did not present problems.
  • It takes time to react in unexpected situations such as sudden braking in front of you.
  • During traffic, you may notice many drivers complaining or honking their horns due to the way they are driving.
  • Noticing scratches or damage to the vehicle being caused during routine rides.
  • Getting lost on familiar routes or having difficulty finding simple detours.
  • Have significant vision or hearing loss problems that prevent you from perceiving the traffic around you.
  • Start receiving fines and traffic violation notices.

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What is the difference between car insurance for older and younger drivers?

To know exactly what the answer to this question is, you need to quote. This is because it is not just age that influences the value of insurance, but also various other information. For example, suppose the driver is 65 years old and leaves his car parked on the street all night. Also consider that he uses his car to work every day and his service is on the other side of the city.

Not to mention, this same driver leaves his car parked on the street when he works too. Now, consider a 19-year-old driver who has a covered garage and uses the car only for trips. With just this information, the value of car insurance for older drivers can be higher.

Of course, this varies greatly depending on the insurer, however, there is a lot of information requested by insurers to calculate the value of the insurance. So, when hiring a plan for yourself, do not lie with any information, as the insurance company has its own means of discovering the truth and you losing your protection.


Now you know that older drivers can pay more for car insurance. However, there is little information that can lead to an increase in value, as their advanced age reflects greater experience and maturity. If you want to know how much you will pay for your car insurance, quote here at and receive several simulations from the most renowned insurance companies. Just fill out a form and wait for a SUSEP-accredited broker to contact you.

Older drivers have cheaper car insurance

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Older drivers have cheaper car insurance


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Older drivers have cheaper car insurance

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