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Omar Apollo enchants in first show in Brazil

Omar Apollo, a Mexican-American singer and songwriter, at the age of twenty-six, took over the Alternative Stage in the early evening of this Sunday (24), at Lolapalloza. The show featured the performance of 13 songs, intense delivery and exchange of affection with fans.

During the hour available for the songs, the style R&B, Soul It is Hip hop of the artist engaged the fans. He also danced, played and allowed his body to express itself freely around the entire stage, claiming that it was a very beautiful night, in addition to singing “Evergreen” close to the fans, giving them the opportunity to take photos and film footage. Omar ran through the audience and stopped for a few seconds to take photos with the audience.


Moment of interaction between the singer and the public (Reproduction: X/@canalBIS)

When dancing while singing “Tamagotchi”Apollo left the fans in a frenzy who began to clamor in unison for him to take off his shirt, which made him smile and promise that the next time he returns to the country, he will take it off, making mention of his future muscles by giving two light taps in the right biceps.

New music on Brazilian soil

Apollo sang the song for the second time “Spite” which will be released on April 5th. The first performance of the song took place last weekend, on March 15th, at the Chile edition of Lollapalooza.


Before starting to sing “Spite”second song of the night, the artist risked Portuguese when saying “We’re together, guys! I love you, I love São Paulo” in a natural and smiling way.

Omar ended the show jokingly, dragging the guitarist, who was playing the solo of “Vai-te embora”, all over the stage. Smiling, with wet hair and a sweaty t-shirt, Apollo thanked his fans and the lights went out.

LGBTQIA+ audience

The artist, minutes before going down to the audience, wanted to confirm whether there were homosexual people at the show, directly asking the fans whether there were gays or homosexuals in the audience, who promptly confirmed. The crowd was very diverse in terms of gender and sexual orientation, which reinforces one of the artist's ideals of creating a safe environment for people to enjoy their music and be themselves without restrictions. This is due to the fact that Apollo is an open and constant defender of the LGBTQIA+ flag.

Some of the fans who were in the audience managed to get to know the singer up close, after arriving at four o'clock in the morning at the airport to await Apollo's arrival. While he sang “Killing me tonight”Omar recognized another fan and said “I saw you at the airport, you gave me flowers, I love you”. The artist published a photo of the roses he received from his fan on his Instagram story.


Story by Omar Apollo about the flowers he received from a Brazilian fan (Reproduction: Instagram/@omar.apollo)

About the artist

Omar, in addition to English, also sings in Spanish and was nominated for the Grammy Awards 2023 as a new artist. Her musical style varies between R&B, Soul and the Hip hopwith sentimental compositions and a welcoming atmosphere, in the same way he acts during his shows and contacts with the public.

He has also been the face of the LOEWE brand, a Spanish brand, during the 2023 fashion week, starring in the launch of the men's collection together with actor Jamie Dornan.

Singer Omar Apollo (Reproduction/Hapersbazaar)


Minutes before the show, the artist spoke to a BIS reporter and stated that he was excited about the show, and that the audience seemed insane from where he could see them. Furthermore, he said he had incredible things for the future and that some of these promises would happen throughout this year.

This is the artist's first performance in Brazil, after canceling last year's Lolla due to scheduling conflicts.

Featured photo: Omar Apollo during the Lollapalooza 2024 festival (Reproduction: Instagram/@tracklistoficial/@isazeminan)


Omar Apollo enchants in first show in Brazil

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Omar Apollo enchants in first show in Brazil

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