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MC Livinho pays tribute to the king of pop Michael Jackson

After 2 months of preparation, one of which was just to organize everything, and the other to immerse myself in the art of Michael Jackson, MC Livinho filled the Perry's by Johnnie Walker stage this Sunday (24), the last day of Lollapalooza. Marked by an exchange of looks and lots of dancing, the show featured Rodrigo Teaser, Michael's official cover, who helped the artist in producing the show, as a special guest. In addition to him, MC Davi also took the stage, performing his hits such as “Let's Go 4” It is “Go Treat Yourself Girl”.

Show opening

The beginning of the show featured a video full of special effects, in which MC Livinho danced in a transition from one scene to another. At one point, he meets Rodrigo Teaser and they rock out by reproducing Michael Jackson's classic steps, like the moonwalking, to the sound of Billie Jean.


With a surprising characterization full of references, including Michael's hat and the artist's signature gloves, MC Livinho starred in his triumphant entry at Lollapalooza to the sound of “They Don't Care About Us”, a song that was released in 2009 and features Michael Jackson takes in the clip that were recorded not only in Morro Dona Marta, in Rio, but also in Pelourinho, in Bahia. Afterwards, the dancers and he then begin to dance “beat it“, followed by “Dangerous”.

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The artist revealed his enormous admiration for Michael Jackson before taking the stage, in an interview with Dedé Teicher. MC Livinho stated that his admiration for Michael began when he was introduced to the artist's art through his family: “I realized how great his career is and how much he inspires singers and dancers”, he said.

Opening of MC Livinho's show (Video: reproduction/@multishow/@globoplay)

MC Livinho's roots

Marking the transition to the songs of his career, a dancer in a red outfit appears for a performance, introducing the singer's song that follows, “Well Want”. Then, delivering a lot of dancing, just like the pop star, Livinho sang another hit from 2016, the track “Full of Marra”. Still, she didn't abandon the references to Michael, doing pirouettes and moonwalking several times. Synchronized, the ballet dressed in colorful clothes.

MC Livinho performs “Cheia de Marra” (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@multishow/@canalbis)


Returning to Michael, with a mix of “I Want You Back”, by The Jackson 5, played on the piano, MC Livinho sings “Pilantrage” right away. Making the vibe of the show more romantic, sitting in a chair, MC Livinho sings “Feeling”, his feat with Gaab, changing the vibe of the show a little to something more romantic, with a galaxy background in the performance.


Closing with a golden key

In another section of the show, MC Livinho once again brought another one of his greatest career hits, “Missed”, from the year 2016. In a jump to 2023, he sings “New in the Area”, released in 2023. To end the performance, he called Rodrigo Teaser and the two came together on stage for the first time to dance the iconic “Black or White”, by Michael. In an emotional tribute, the background of the presentation consists of several televisions with excerpts from the clip, in which Michael Jackson appears wearing the same outfit as Rodrigo Teaser.

Rodrigo Teaser and MC Livinho perform “Black or White”, by Michael Jackson (Video: reproduction/@multishow/@rodrigoteaser)

Mixing vocals and a lot of choreography, the two covered all the spaces on the stage and allowed the audience to feel “that good nostalgia” for the pop icon, which was revisited perfectly by Rodrigo Teaser, who masterfully performed a lipsync of the song. At a certain point in the song, there is a dispute between b-boys in the middle of the stage, who begin a breakdance, an urban dance characteristic of hiphop. Together, the two reproduce Michael Jackson's steps and end the show grandly by inviting all the dancers on stage to join them in the choreography.

MC Livinho showed that he is not just a funk singer, but that he is artistically complete and can sail through any waters of musical genres he desires. Therefore, he delivered an impeccable voice, as well as stylish looks and splendidly performed choreography.

Featured photo: MC Livinho pays homage to Michael Jackson at Lollapalooza (Reproduction/Twitter/@tracklist/Photographer Isa Zeminian)


MC Livinho pays tribute to the king of pop Michael Jackson

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MC Livinho pays tribute to the king of pop Michael Jackson

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