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Sam Smith delivers duality with romance and boldness

Sam Smith was one of the most anticipated attractions on the third and final day of Lollapalooza, which took place this Sunday (24). On the Perry's by Johnnie Walker stage, the singer delivered a performance that covered several songs from his career, until reaching his current artistic moment.

Songs from the beginning of his career

Complete with a soundtrack composed of piano, Sam Smith's entrance is guided by performers dressed in black and holding a flare in their hands. After a few seconds, after the performers walk, the choir leads Sam Smith's entrance. Sam took the stage in an all black look, consisting of a dress and hat and sang “Stay With Me”. It didn't take long to receive an ovation from the audience, who knew the lyrics by heart.


Then, elu sings the song that was very successful”I'm Not The Only One”. The chorus is played by the audience, who sing with all their might and in the middle of the song they say: “I love you very much”, by Smith. Later, the drums and guitar give way to the song “Like I Can”.

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Sam Smith sings “Stay With Me” (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@multishow)

Sam's interaction with the audience

After the song, elu says: “São Paulo, how are you? I can't believe I'm here, this is insane! Love you so much!”. Then, the fans reciprocate and say “I love you” to him, which he thanks. Again, very grateful, Sam Smith confesses to his fans that it has been 5 years since he first came to Brazil: “I want to say to all of you from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for sticking with me all these years! For believing in me and my music despite everything that happened in my life all this time.”he said.

Later, he says: “Welcome to the Gloria tour! I can't believe it's been 5 years since I first came, this show means so much to me”. And then, Sam Smith tells fans the true essence of his tour: “The show is about freedom, freedom to wear what you want, sing what you want and to be what you want to be”, said elu, asking them to just focus on having fun and singing with him that night.

Old career tracks

In a cleaner vibe of the show, Sam Smith sits on a bench next to his choir, led by the instrumentalists' guitar to the sound of “Im Not To Good at Goodbyes”. Then, giving way to guitar chords and completely changing the energy of the show, Sam Smith appears in a more formal outfit and sings “Diamonds”, with the right to a more sensual performance and showing all its authenticity. Smith also sings the track “How Do You Sleep?”, a song released in 2019, featuring dancers dancing alongside him. With the performance, it becomes even more visible that the dress code for the presentation is black.


Sam Smith sings “How do You Sleep?” (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@multishow)

Change of look and melancholy

After putting on a black dress, a melancholic air took over the stage from Sam Smith, who dedicated this time to singing a song released 10 years ago and which he had never sung: “It's one of my favorite songs and it reminds me how far I've gone and I want to go much further in love”, he said before singing “Good Thing“. Later, Sam declared himself to the audience, saying that they looked very beautiful that night and that he loved them, in addition to thanking them for being with him all this time.

Returning to the energetic aspect of the show and the dancers' sensual choreography accompanied by red light, Sam Smith changed his look once again, this time wearing a black vest and cap, singing the track “Gimme”, his partnership with Jessie Reyez. This moment surprised everyone, as after performing last Saturday (23), Jessie Reyez took the stage as a special guest. With Jessie's departure, the show took on a pop dance vibe, with the song “Lose You.” The track featured a kiss and an interaction hot between two of his dancers, as well as Sam's dancers during the performance.

Third block of the show

After having sung “Promises”, he and Calvin Harris, Sam Smith wore an oversized outfit with the colors of the LGBTQIAPN+ flag, which glowed in the dark and started “I'm Not Here to Make Friends”. Later, she drove fans crazy when she appeared on stage wearing a Brazil t-shirt, highlighting the love she feels for Brazilian fans. Additionally, Sam Smith sang some more old hits like “Latch”. The performance took a different turn after the moment the singer took off his shirt and left the stage. Then, to the sound of “I Feel Love” and from the game of lights on the LGBTQIAPN+ flag, Sam Smith and his dancers return.

Sam Smith sings “I'm Not Here to Make Friends” (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@multishow)

Gloria takes over Sam Smith's stage

In an angelic chorus, Sam Smith appears on stage with an air of mystery, covered in a black outfit and a fabric covering his head and sings Gloria, the title song of his tour. At this high point of the show, Sam Smith is taken by a strong wind, where the artist removes his combat boots and takes on another skin, one that wears a bodysuit, lingerie, a skirt and even mocks drinking drinks on the stage.


Furthermore, he wears the necklace written sex, from his controversial video Unholy and a hat with black horns, accompanied by a spear. As a result, the performance has a sensual feel, with the dancers wearing looks similar to his. In Kim Petras's part, which was sung by the choir, the dancers incorporated the artist using a blonde lace. At the end of the performance, the artist received another ovation from the public.

Sam Smith ends show with “Unholy” (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@globoplay)

It is worth highlighting that in this last era, after the release of the album Gloria, Sam Smith was harshly criticized precisely for his strong expression of identity, opposing what was presented to the public at the beginning of his career. However, Sam didn't let himself get carried away and still managed to win acclaim from the audience who truly admired him on the Lollapalooza stage.

Featured photo: Sam Smith (Reproduction/Instagram/@globoplay)


Sam Smith delivers duality with romance and boldness

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Sam Smith delivers duality with romance and boldness

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