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Passionate Women: Cláudio assumes his relationship with Edwiges for his mother

In “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, Cláudio (Erik Marmo) and Hedwig (Caroline Dieckmann) are super in love.


Lorena tells Vidinha about Sílvia’s irony when referring to her relationship with Expedito. Lorena calls her daughter to make a cake. Doris arrives at the building with Romeo. Heloisa complains to Sérgio de Dóris and Vidinha. Téo tells Carlinhos that he won’t be able to take the drums there because of Sonia’s baby. Helena and Hilda talk about Caesar. Carlinhos arrives and Doris complains about not having her own room. She demands that the father place the grandparents in a nursing home. Leopoldo and Flora hear everything, devastated. They think about living alone. Edwiges and Rosinha criticize the way Paulinha treats her father. Paulinha talks to a new student and lies that her father is a businessman. Oswaldo listens and feels. Sergio jinxes Doris and Vidinha in the elevator and Helô catches him. Sergio makes up an excuse, but Heloísa gets angry and says that her husband is teasing her. Lorena warns Doris and Vidinha that Heloísa is dangerous. Leopoldo disappears from home and Carlão looks for him in Leblon. During lunch, Claudio makes a point of serving Edwiges. So he tells his parents that he is dating. The mother is disappointed to learn that she is the daughter of the school canteen. Marta tells her son that she doesn’t want to meet Edwiges. Carlão finds his father and talks affectionately with him. Leopoldo, Flora and family celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary at Nick Bar. Luciana introduces her work friends to her mother. Diogo and Marina arrive and run into Luciana. Marcinha organizes her party together with Cesar and her grandmother, she wants to invite Helena. Anticipating his mother’s prejudice, Claudio tells Edwiges that he is really liking her and taking the relationship seriously. Annoyed, Marina keeps an eye on Luciana and follows her to the bathroom in the bar. Lorena and Expedito have a romantic dinner with candles and wine. The two look at each other attracted to each other.


“Mulheres Apaixonadas” is a soap opera aired by Rede Globo between February 17 and October 10, 2003. Written by Manoel Carlos and directed by Ricardo Waddington, the plot had big names in the cast, such as Christiane Torloni, Tony Ramos, Susana Vieira, Dan Stulbach and much more.

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Tuesday, June 27th

Lorena and Expedito continue to flirt at the table. Marina teases Luciana and tells her to stay away from Diogo. Eugênio tells Estela that her cousins ​​are at the bar and she is jealous of not having been invited. Luciana doesn’t understand Marina’s hatred for her. They slap each other until Silvia intervenes. Luciana eagerly says goodbye to her doctor friends. Silvia, Afrânio, Marina and Diogo also leave. Jokingly, Estela goes to the hotel bar and calls her cousins ​​traitors for not having invited her. Leopoldo and Flora talk about their relationship. Doris writes a note to Miguel and asks Sérgio to deliver it. Leopoldo tells Doris that they’ll find a way to get her a room. Lorena and Expedito are together. Téo and Helena have a DR. Heloisa finds Doris’s phone number noted in a note in Sergio’s pocket, while he sleeps. She wakes up a furious Sergio. Marina wakes up Diogo wanting to eat brigadeiro and he prepares it for his wife. Sílvia scolds her son-in-law for only wearing an apron. Sérgio leaves for work irritated with Heloísa. Doris passes in the hallway and Heloísa ‘kidnaps’ her into her apartment. Doris confronts Heloisa and explains that the note was for Sergio to give to a volleyball friend. Lorena advises Vidinha and Doris to stay away from Sérgio. Marta asks Claudio to invite Edwiges to dinner. Serious patients arrive at the emergency room and César notices Luciana’s efficiency. Laura asks César for the marriage, but he says it won’t be easy to talk about it with Rodrigo. Claudio invites Edwiges to dinner and she is in doubt. Helena scolds Helô for the scene with Doris and warns her sister that she will end the marriage if she continues to behave like that. Edwiges gets ready, nervous about meeting Claudio’s parents. Dinner at Marta and Onofre’s house. The prejudice against Edwiges on the agenda, Lorena defends her. · Sérgio returns home still being cold with Heloísa. Cláudio and Edwiges arrive at his house for dinner. Edwiges sees Marta and Silvia talking badly about her and is devastated. Claudio convinces Edwiges to enter, unaware of the offenses she heard. Edwiges is introduced to his parents: Marta and Onofre. Expedito reassures his mother about Lorena. Hedwig completely awkward at dinner. Claudio asks if something is going on, but she reveals nothing. Heloísa apologizes to Sérgio.

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Wednesday, June 28th


Doris shows her mother some nursing homes. Flora arrives and they talk. Nervous at the fancy dinner, Edwiges imitates Lorena eating and ends up spilling a glass of wine. She gets super embarrassed and Lorena tries to reassure her. Claudio leaves Edwiges at home and wonders how cold she is with him. She comes home and cries with her mother. Raquel is terrified to learn that Marcos, her ex, asked a neighbor in São Paulo about her. Busy school, students check their schedules on the board. Adelaide says she’s going to teach at another school too. Lorena criticizes Marta’s prejudice towards Edwiges. Marta tells Onofre that Claudio’s relationship with Edwiges won’t work out because of the abysmal class difference. Helena arrives at school and Marcinha thanks her for staying with her class. Excited, Raquel tells Helena her proposal for physical education classes. With the intention of bringing his daughter closer to the bride, César invites Laura to have lunch with him and Marcinha. They are alone in the office and Laura brings up a subject with Marcinha about Medicine. César returns and the three go out to lunch. César, Marcinha and Laura arrive at the restaurant. Claudio tries again to talk to Edwiges, but Ana lies that she has a headache. At the César restaurant, Laura and Marcinha talk about college, school and their crush on Fred. Téo walks with Lucas on Sugarloaf Mountain and meets Salete on Praia Vermelha.

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Thursday, June 29th

Fernanda is thrilled to see Lucas. Salete and Lucas confirm that they met at the mall. She says that he doesn’t know her, but that she knows him. Lucas a little shy and Fernanda enchanted. Edwiges ignores the cell phone and remembers what Marta said about her. Clara talks to Edwiges about the prejudice she faces in her relationship with Rafaela and encourages her friend to be strong. Claudio tells Rodrigo that he doesn’t know why Edwiges is avoiding him. Still at lunch, Laura tells Marcinha that she fell in love with César at first sight. Doris’ family demands that she get a job, but she complains about everyone. Sergio talks to Hilda and Elisa that Heloísa is getting unbearable. Leila tells Hilda about the Mulheres Que Amam Demais group. Fernanda is happy to see that Salete and Lucas got along well. Téo argues with Lucas because of the danger of cars. Marina and Diogo go shopping for the baby. Laura talks to Marcinha about starting the relationship with César the wrong way, even though his marriage was already bankrupt. · Matilde scolds Rodrigo for always being out of the house. Lorena wants Helena to work less and dedicate more time to her personal life. Téo says goodbye to Salete and Fernanda already knowing that Lucas is going to tell Helena everything. Marina shows the mother the clothes she bought for the baby. Lorena tells Helena that she needs to fix her and Téo’s situation, as they are visibly in crisis and practically separated, even though they live together. Laura leaves Marcinha at home after lunch, Rodrigo sees and becomes obsessed. Lucas tells Helena that he met Salete and Fernanda. The boy tells all the details of the trip and the mother gets more and more outraged. They ask Lucas to leave. Rodrigo advances in Laura’s car and she flees. He chases her on a motorcycle. Marcinha desperately calls her father. Vidinha, Marina and Célia make brigadeiro. Lorena and Expedito arrive at home. Rodrigo closes Laura and she runs over him. Rodrigo lying on the ground. The ambulance arrives. He is taken away by the ambulance, César talks to the policeman on the phone and manages the situation. Helena asks Téo not to make an idiot of her and demands to know who Fernanda and Salete are.

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Friday, June 30th


Téo and Helena argue badly. He invents that Fernanda was a friend at the hotel and that she helps Salete from time to time. Helena doesn’t believe anything her husband says and accuses Téo of secretly imposing Lucas’s adoption. Desperate, she cries out for a love that makes her happy. Heloisa talks to the doorman about repairing the elevator. Amador delivers the mail to Flora. Diogo arrives with a flower for Marina. Leopoldo and Flora are still sad about Doris having stolen the money, without understanding why her granddaughter had done that. Téo walks anguished along the beach. In Laura’s absence, Luciana is called to be César’s assistant and Rodrigo undergoes all the tests at the hospital. César calls Marcinha to go to the clinic. Helena suffers thinking about the argument with Téo. Lucas enters and kisses his mother. Rodrigo rests and César watches him, wondering when he started to lose his son’s love. Marcinha tells Edwiges about her brother’s behavior. She hugs Laura. Heloísa delivers Fernanda’s address to Helena and tells her to ask for a DNA test to prove her theory that Salete is Téo’s daughter. Helena takes Fernanda’s address, but says that she is no longer interested, as her marriage has already broken up into a thousand pieces. Helena says she’s leaving, but Heloisa protests, claiming that it’s the man who has to leave the house. The two argue. Claudio surprises Edwiges at the hospital, she is still avoiding him. Not understanding why, Claudio asks her to end everything instead of running away. Calmer, Heloísa welcomes her sister and Téo arrives just in time. · Bag ready, Helena leaves the ring on the dresser. Téo tries to talk, but she prefers to end it without more scandals and hurts, claiming that they lived in crisis with some happy moments. · Helena tells Lucas and Maria that she is going to travel. César says that his son is out of his mind and tells Marcinha that he is going to leave the house. Santana encourages Helena to look for Fernanda and do DNA. Clara and Rafaela ask Helena to stay in the same class. Edwiges tells Claudio that his mother considers her a crook. Claudio asks Edwiges to forget his mother’s opinion. They make up. Vidinha tells Doris about working with Estela, who is looking for a secretary. Doris is thrilled. Rafael arrives and sees Lorena with Expedito in his ex-wife’s living room.

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Passionate Women: Cláudio assumes his relationship with Edwiges for his mother

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