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Sasha Meneghel idealized her own wedding dress, but to reach the result she dreamed of so much, she counted on the more than special consultancy of Michelly X , a friend and stylist of Xuxa Meneghel for five years. The UOL chatted with Michelly, which included details of the dress making process used by the young man at their wedding.

Xuxa’s daughter asked Michelly for help in creating the perfect dress for the beach wedding with João Figueiredo. The stylist remembers when the model came to her.

“Mi, I’m getting married, you have a month to make the dress. Do you have time? ‘ I said, let’s run! I thought it was cool for her to participate in the whole process – choosing the fabric, going to the studio to do the tests

Michelly remembers a specific situation that reveals Sasha’s care in creating the dress: “She came to the studio and cut the lace and put it the way she wanted. The lace was pinned by her and then we sewed it by hand”


“Sasha is more minimalist. She’s a bit of a ripple and I like her style. It’s not a van, it’s very natural at all. Even makeup is very natural. The dress was on her face.

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The result was a strapless and clean dress. At the same time, the piece gained personality due to its transparency and embroidered tulips. “There is a silver thread in the middle of this tulle. I think it is the most expensive lace I have ever bought”, reveals Michelly.

The stylist estimates that a dress like Sasha’s, produced with French fabric, has a value of R $ 60,000. Sasha was thrilled to see her dream come true.

Sasha Meneghel

She even cried. She cried in the final exam, before the final exam … Because it is her dream. It’s her DNA, her creation. She could do it with an outsider, buy a Dolce Gabbana, but she decided to do it with me. I was flattered. Besides being her friend and family, I’m a fan. See the girl being born and having her wedding? It is a great achievement.




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