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A man who sent Kim Kardashian an engagement ring and a morning-after pill is barred from nearing her. The reality star has been granted a restraining order by a Los Angeles judge for the man.

The man had been stalking her for some time, Kardashian argued in the filing. Not only did he send the ring and pill unsolicited, but he also visited her neighborhood several times and posted several messages on social media calling himself her prince on the white horse, TMZwrites .

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian collaboration with Balenciaga

The man also forged a marriage certificate, which made it look like he and the reality star were married. The man’s unannounced visits have been taking place since February, and he is also said to have tried to climb over the fences around Kardashian’s home.

The man must now be at least 100 yards, or 91.44 yards, away from the reality star.

Kim Kardashian

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