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Sister Publishes Emotional Photo of Nephews

This Tuesday (25), Juliana Amaral, Paulo Gustavo's sister, published a photo alongside her nephews Gael and Romeu, his children with dermatologist and model Thales Bretas.

In the photo published by Juliana, Paulo's painting hangs on the wall behind them, so in the caption she puts: ''4'' and an infinity emoji, highlighting the actor's eternity.


Published by Juliana Amaral. Reproduction/ Instagram

Paulo Gustavo, Thales Bretas and children. Reproduction/Instagram

Paulo's fight against COVID-19

Paulo Gustavo passed away in May 2021 due to COVID-19. However, the presenter had already been fighting the disease since March 13, the date on which he was hospitalized.

During treatment, Paulo's sister even published a blood donation campaign on social media, due to Ecmo, a procedure in which Paulo would need to be anticoagulated and, consequently, losing blood.


Furthermore, Ju Amaral, on May 11 of the same year, in honor of his brother, in a post on social media wrote: ''There was no time for you to get the vaccine brother [emojis chorando] and now you are the most beautiful light that will help me move forward and realize my dream that you believed in so much, even more than me! This was our last photo, just before his passing, always holding hands, ALWAYS AND FOREVER!

And he added: You told me I was your guardian angel, and now you are mine, until we meet again!''

Text written by Paulo Gustavo’s sister. Reproduction/Instagram

A legacy never erased

Later, on May 29, Juliana published a photo in which her arm appeared tattooed with the phrase ''Laughter is an act of resistance''.


Tattoo and text written by Juliana. Reproduction/Instagram

The phrase was said by Paulo Gustavo in a Globo end-of-year special in 2020. On this day, Paulo recalled the pandemic context of that year, in addition to remembering the importance of culture and humor for Brazilians: ''Firstly, this year served to show that we don't live without grace, without humor, humor saves, it transforms, soothes, heals, brings hope to our lives.''

And he continued: ''This pandemic has also made clear the total importance of art in our lives, you saw that, right? Was this year difficult? He was. And it was the dramatic arts, music, cinema, dance, in short, culture in general that helped us move forward, making everything a little lighter.''

Video by Paulo Gustavo especially on Globo, from 2020. Reproduction/Instagram

In one of the excerpts of his speech, Paulo declares that he is very proud not only of being an artist, but also of the strength that comedy has within him: ''I'm very proud to be an artist and even more so that comedy is so strong in me. I clown around, you laugh, my heart is full here. I feel like this, fulfilled that I can make you happy.''

''Laughing is an act of resistance, we now need this annoying mask to protect our faces from this virus, and unfortunately this mask hides something very precious for us Brazilians: the smile. It is covered, it has to be covered, but it exists and it will not cease to exist. We won't stop smiling, we won't stop hoping'', he concluded.


In June 2021, Juliana published a photo in favor of mass vaccination, in which she wrote in the caption: ''It's about love and resistance!'', with a photo of Paulo Gustavo also in the background.

Juliana Amaral. Reproduction/Instagram

Paulo Gustavo's legacy will certainly be maintained by his fans and family, who will always remember him with his smile on his face, kindness and great joy in life – which he made no effort to hide.

Featured photo: Juliana Amaral and Paulo Gustavo. Reproduction/Instagram


Sister Publishes Emotional Photo of Nephews

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