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Summary of the chapters of Elas por Elas

Friday – March 29th – Women for Women

Renée, Márcia and Vic celebrate their decision to live in peace. Carol confronts Ester. Mário asks Lara to marry him. Helena refuses to run away with Sérgio, who worries about his daughter. Rico declares Helena a suspect in Míriam’s murder. Nice hears a call from Roberto and discovers Itamar’s whereabouts. Helena kicks Marcos out of her house. Renée opens her store. Carmen catches Aramis and Yeda. Carol confesses to Natália that she cannot forgive Ester. The loan sharks collect Wagner’s debt.

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Saturday – March 30th – Elas por Elas

The loan sharks demand that Wagner pay them what he owes, and Tony sees the scene. Mário and Natália agree to return to the mountain house to find more clues about Bruno’s alleged murder. Supported by Tony, Wagner confesses to his family that he was wanted by loan sharks, and everyone decides to report the case to the police. Marcos returns to Pedro and Natália’s house. Carol gets along with Ester. The friends get together at the house in the mountains to reenact the day of Bruno’s death.


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Monday – April 1st – Women for Women

Mário begins the reconstruction of the day of Bruno’s death. Sérgio talks to Roberto about Helena’s situation. Helena arrives at the house in the mountains, and everyone accuses her as the main suspect in Bruno’s death. Mário commands the reconstruction, and everyone remembers the events and interactions with Bruno on the day of the accident. Sérgio decides to go after Helena. Natália has new memories of the day of Bruno’s death.

Carol and Natália will have a different ending from the original version of the soap opera. Find out everything!

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Tuesday – April 2nd – Women for Women

Sérgio arrives at the house in the mountains and tries to interrupt the reconstruction of Bruno’s murder. Vilma is surprised to discover that Roberto is Petrucio’s son. Calixto tells Roberto that he will need a large sum to free Helena from her crimes. With Mário’s help, Natália remembers who took Bruno’s life. Vilma confronts Roberto. Adriana reveals to everyone that Sérgio is Isis’s father.


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Wednesday – April 3rd – They for They

Adriana asks Isis for forgiveness. Petrúcio puts pressure on Roberto, who ends up confessing to his crimes. After Bruno’s case is resolved, Carol comforts Natália. Vilma resigns from Roberto, who blackmails his partner. Cris meets Adelaide. Sérgio feels sick, and Marcos helps his grandfather. Helena asks Roberto for help to prevent Isis from having the right to his inheritance. Sérgio gets emotional when he sees Marcos, Giovanni and Isis in the hospital. Carol declares herself to Natália. Helena confronts Isis.

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Thursday – April 4th – Elas por Ela

Natália and Carol announce their wedding. Wanda praises Jonas’s progress in the exercises. With the help of Edu and Érica, Mário finds Itamar. Roberto sabotages Vilma’s drink, who notices and confronts him. Tony tells Renée and Wagner that he almost got run over. Fagundes is arrested. Raquel and Evilásio listen when Roberto threatens to poison Petrúcio. Nando is attacked in front of Vic, and Wagner concludes that the loan sharks are threatening his family. Cris discovers that Adelaide is Giovanni’s grandmother.


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Friday – April 5th – Women for Women

Adelaide and Giovanni are thrilled when they meet. Sérgio is released from the hospital, and Helena plans to flee the country with her father. Tony manages to hack Roberto’s phone. Lara and Mário discover evidence that Roberto was with Átila on the night of her death. Fagundes denounces all the crimes committed with Sérgio and Helena. Rico decides to summon Sérgio for a confrontation. Helena and Sérgio run away. Taís fears the approach of his trial date. Roberto tries to find Vilma. Giovanni introduces Adelaide to Jonas, Adriana, Marlene and Isis. Helena gives up on running away with Sérgio.

Reborn: Naked, Mariana tries to seduce João Pedro

Monday – April 8th – Women for Women

Sérgio asks Maninha to alert him if he hears from Helena. Roberto cannot accept Vilma’s disappearance. Rico and Érica manage to capture the loan sharks who were threatening Wagner. Carol invites Natália to live with her. Adelaide shows Giovanni memories of his biological mother. Carol is honored for her work at the university. Mário tries to discover Vilma’s whereabouts. Helena kidnaps Isis.


Tuesday – April 9th ​​– Women for Women

Helena drugs her sister. Marcos discovers that Helena is not with Sérgio and alerts Giovanni. Adriana despairs at the possibility of Helena being with Isis. Helena sets up Isis and pretends that the young woman attacked her. Isis is detained and calls Giovanni. Helena celebrates the success of her plan. Marcos and Sérgio look for Helena.

Vai na Fé: Theo drugs Sol and locks himself in the dressing room, with her unconscious

Chapters four, five and six will not be released.

The soap opera

“Elas por Elas”, a 6pm soap opera on Globo, is a modern adaptation of the original 1982 work created by Cassiano Gabus Mendes. The reinterpretation was developed by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson, under the artistic direction of Amora Mautner and the genre direction of José Luiz Villamarim. The cast includes Deborah Secco, Lázaro Ramos, Isabel Teixeira, Mateus Solano and Maria Clara Spinelli, among others.



Summary of the chapters of Elas por Elas

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Elas por Elas

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