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Top 5 Adventures of Fox McCloud: The Most Spectacular Games in the Star Fox Galaxy

Star Fox It's the kind of game that turned many of us into armchair space pilots, masters of controlling controls as we saved the galaxy with a fox at the helm. Who knew, huh? Welcome to our nostalgic journey through the stars, where we will remember the high flights and emotional loops of the series Star Foxsince the pixelated times of SNES to the three-dimensional adventures of today.

Ready to take off on a journey full of action, risky adventures and, of course, that healthy dose of humor that only the gang at Fox McCloud bring? Fasten your seatbelts (or better yet, adjust your Rumble Packs) and let's do it, because nostalgia will be faster than making a “barrel roll“!


Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)

Let's talk about Star Fox 64: this game was great, it came in a giant box with a Rumble Pak inside, showing people what it was like to feel the game vibrate in your hand for the first time. The combination of incredible battles and risky adventures Fox McCloud and his gang in this shooting game was awesome. And look, to this day the game rocks with its chilling action, sharp controls, spirit-lifting music, laugh-out-loud humor, jaw-dropping scenes and that emotion of not wanting to let go of the controller. Okay, there's Slippy Toad left there, but no one is perfect.

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Star Fox (SNES)

Speaking now of Star Fox original: of course it's a classic. Using the chip Super FXthe game was a spectacle in itself for those who saw it on the Super NES in 1993. Nowadays it may seem a bit rough to newcomers or to those who are used to super smooth games. If you struggle with less than 60fps, this might not be the game for you. But hey, the game design is still top notch, even if you don't have much of a vibe for the game's historical achievements.


Who was there from the beginning, missing the Fox, Peppy, Falco and even the Slippy (you'll understand), you'll love going into that Arwing again and fix it Corneria. And now that it's available on Switchit was easy to accept this mission.

Star Fox 2 (SNES)

Now the Star Fox 2 It's like a lost treasure – a sequel to Super NES which only saw the light of day much later, like a museum relic, until it was officially launched in the Super Nintendo Classic Mini and then in the Nintendo Switch Online. The game was ready to take off, but the Nintendo decided to save it at the last minute, thinking about the 3D graphics of the most powerful consoles.

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See the ideas that started in Star Fox 2 and then appeared on Star Fox 64 It's like time travel. Even though it is a challenge to return to this old style, especially for those who knew Star Fox later, it's still worth checking out.


Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

Star Fox Zero is practically a twin brother of Star Fox 64 in terms of mechanics, content and structure. Follow that scheme of paths that open up as you play, full of secret bonuses to find. New vehicles, such as Walker and the Landmaster improved, they add a different flavor to the game, but nothing beats the fun of piloting the Arwing.

Some found the controls a bit complicated, but it's a matter of getting the hang of it. After that, the game becomes as exciting as that classic from N64. Star Fox Zero is one of those pearls in gaming Nintendoand one of the last blockbusters in the Wii U.

Star Fox 64 3D (3DS)


The version of 3DS came to remind everyone of what they do Star Fox be so special, with a plus: that 3D that catches your eye. Okay, we miss that one Rumble Pak and the sole control of the N64but the Star Fox 64 3D is probably the best way to understand why to this day we smile at any reference to making a “barrel roll“.

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Top 5 Adventures of Fox McCloud: The Most Spectacular Games in the Star Fox Galaxy

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