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Typhoon Doksuri approaches the Philippines, threatens Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

By the end of this week, the typhoon that is sweeping the Pacific, heading towards the Philippines, should rise to the category of super typhoon and reach Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, according to the meteorological service.

The next few days will be a lot of rain in the Pacific

Yesterday morning, Sunday (07/23), Typhoon Doksuri, which was previously a tropical storm, emerged in the Western Pacific, according to information from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center of the United States. By the end of the day, updates from Pagasa, the Philippine meteorological agency, already classified it as a typhoon with winds reaching a speed of 230 km / h.


During the morning of this Monday, the typhoon was already approaching Luson, which is the largest island and also the most populous in the Philippines. consequences for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the southern area of ​​China.

From tropical storm to super typhoon

Known as Egay in the Philippines, Typhoon Doksuri is expected to develop into a super typhoon by late Tuesday or early Wednesday, according to Pagasa. A super typhoon is equivalent to category 5, which is the most destructive category on the scale, capable of “sweeping” everything ahead, causing catastrophes in residential areas and this depends a lot on the speed that the winds reach, in addition to the size of the perimeter that coastal storms take.

Typhoon Doksuri on Monday night (Photo: Reproduction/Hong Kong Observatory)

Leptospirosis deaths increase in RS

The Philippine agency predicts that Doksuri should start to lose its strength and weaken towards the end of this Wednesday, when it reaches the Taiwan Strait, however, the path it should take cannot yet be guaranteed. Last weekend, the Hong Kong Observatory said that outside of it there were numerous possibilities.


route possibilities

Doksuri can pass through Taiwan Island or it can go south and reach the southern coast of Guangdong, China, including Hong Kong. If it’s north, the typhoon wouldn’t hit any of those territories.

The Hong Kong Observatory claims that the path of the typhoon depends on several factors and one of them would be the existence of subtropical mountain ranges or monsoons, which make the atmospheric pressure increase or decrease, respectively.

Typhoon route depends on several factors (Photo: Reproduction / CNN)

Population on alert

Countries likely to be hit by the typhoon are already preparing for the consequences of its arrival. Classes in Philippine public schools and government offices in the capital have already been suspended by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., with the exception of essential services, which provide critical services. Workers in the transport sector have already stopped their activities, as they are on a three-day strike.

Pagasa asked the population that is in areas of greater risk, not to take risks and correctly follow the orders to evacuate these spaces and also the instructions of the responsible authorities.


The Hong Kong Observatory instructed people to follow the weather reports and announced that before the typhoon reaches the region, the heat is likely to intensify and storms are likely to occur. Hong Kong just suffered from another typhoon, Talim, which forced schools and the stock market to close.

Typhoon Doksuri sweeps across the Pacific Ocean

Milei is not expected to attend the next Mercosur Summit meeting

Taiwan’s meteorological agency said it was monitoring the typhoon’s growth and that an alert should be issued between today and Tuesday and urged vessels to remain alert and that anyone in coastal areas should be extremely cautious when visiting beaches, as large waves may occur.

Featured photo: Typhoon Doksuri. Reproduction/Illustrative photo/Disclosure


Typhoon Doksuri approaches the Philippines, threatens Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

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