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O Insurance certificate is mandatory for any type of coverage from an insurance company and, although it is often confused with the insurance contract, this document is different from the policy. Learn more about the insurance certificate in this article.

If you have already taken out insurance, you have come across a document called an insurance certificate and you certainly didn't understand very well what it was about.


The certificate of insurance serves as a summary of the insurance policy.

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In this article we will explain better what an insurance certificate is, what it is for and what is the difference between it and the policy.

Follow and understand more about the subject, so that doubts about it are no longer a problem.

What is a certificate of insurance?

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Find out what an insurance certificate is

As mentioned, the insurance certificate is a document that basically functions as a summary of all coverage and the main conditions of a policy.

The document lists the main insurance topics and contact details for the insurer.

In addition, the certificate always contains information about the policy number and instructions on how to act in the event of accidents.

This information is essential, as each insurance company has different procedures.


In other words, this document serves to assist in times when the insured needs information quickly and without complications.

What is the difference between a certificate of insurance and an insurance policy?

While the insurance certificate is a summarized document where the most important coverage and information about the service contracted are present.

A policy deals with the service provision contract itself, that is, it is a document with several annexes and details.

After all, it is where all the rules and consumer rights appear when taking out insurance.


In the event of an accident, however, it is likely that the user will not have time to read the entire policy looking for what they need.

That's why the certificate is so important. It allows for faster and simpler visualization of what is needed.

Between the certificate and the policy, only the second has legal value.

Therefore, it is essential that the customer keeps it well stored, but with easy access.


Therefore, if necessary, the individual may request fulfillment of the contract by the insurance company, even if it is through the assistance of a lawyer.

What must be listed on the insurance certificate?

Both the policy and the insurance certificate must contain certain information.

In both documents, according to the mandatory definition of Susep – Superintendency of Private Insurance, these documents must contain information such as:

  • The amounts paid for each coverage contracted, in a detailed manner;
  • Deadlines and method of payment of the premium;
  • Procedures necessary for opening covered claims;
  • Insurance company telephone numbers;
  • Contact telephone numbers of the insurance broker responsible for the policy;
  • And others.

This way, the consumer will be able to gain easier access to data, regardless of the certificate they have in hand.

All rules defined in relation to the certificate apply to any type of insurance.


In other words, the information mentioned must appear on the motor, housing, life, property insurance certificate, etc.

If the consumer does not receive their insurance certificate when signing their contract, they must inform the insurer of the error, requesting the document as soon as possible.

If even after following this article you still have doubts about the subject, the best thing to do is contact your broker and resolve all issues.


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what it is, how it works and more!

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what it is, how it works and more!


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what it is, how it works and more!


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