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Does auto insurance cover mechanics? Understand with Seguroauto!
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Are you unsure whether auto insurance covers mechanics? Follow this article and get the answer to this question, in a very simple way.

Car insurance is a service that constantly raises doubts, both among people who already have this service and those who are thinking about hiring it.


Generally, the questions are about coverage, nomenclature and procedures, and the most common among these are about what auto insurance covers or does not cover.

What is the difference between auto insurance and 24-hour assistance?

When we talk about questions about auto insurance coverage, one of the most common is whether auto insurance covers mechanics.

So that you understand this issue in a simple and definitive way, we have prepared this article with all the information on this subject. Follow along.

Does auto insurance cover mechanics?

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Does auto insurance cover mechanics?

If your question is whether insurance covers mechanical problems, unfortunately the answer is no.

According to insurers, problems related to mechanics are derived from inefficient or non-existent vehicle maintenance, which is the driver's responsibility.

Therefore, there is no point in calling the insurance company if your engine has problems, or the clutch locks up.

All insurance companies claim that keeping the car working perfectly, carrying out periodic maintenance and replacing parts at the correct time is the driver's responsibility.


In other words, any problem that arises due to lack of maintenance or wear and tear will be the sole responsibility of the driver.

However, if there is a collision, for example, and the engine is damaged in the accident and needs repairs, you can rest assured.

The insurance company will carry out an examination and, proving that the damage was actually caused by the collision and, if you have this type of coverage, the insurance will cover the costs of carrying out the repair, upon payment of the deductible.

However, if the value of this repair is equal to or greater than 75% of the vehicle's market value, your loss will be considered a 'total loss' and you will receive full compensation, as provided for in your policy.


In this case, it is not necessary to pay the deductible.

What about electrical problems? Are they covered by car insurance?

The same rules if insurance covers mechanical problems apply in the case of electrical problems.

The insurer also understands that, if your vehicle had an electrical problem without an external reason, it happened due to a lack of maintenance or replacement of parts.

Therefore, the cost of this repair will be yours alone.


But if you suffer an accident such as a lightning strike that could damage your vehicle's electrical system and you have coverage for natural phenomena, then that's okay, the insurance company will cover the repair costs.

Why doesn't auto insurance cover mechanical problems?

The mechanical problems that tend to have a higher incidence in vehicles, causing their drivers to let themselves down and need help, are related to the engine, the fuel pump, the clutch and the gearbox.

These items most often present problems due to lack of maintenance, or delays in replacing parts.

Situations that are exclusively the driver's responsibility. Therefore, insurance companies do not cover this type of problem.


The best way to avoid this type of situation is to always pay attention to your vehicle's manual and arrange for all inspections and replacement of parts in a timely manner.

This way, you won't run the risk of being caught off guard by one of these defects.

However, if you are driving and notice that your vehicle is having a problem, it is best to stop the car in a safe place, turn it off and contact your insurance company.

The attendants will be able to refer you to a specialized professional, capable of giving more assertive guidance on what to do in this situation.


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If you insist on driving the vehicle, even if it has problems, the damage could be even greater, so be careful, after all, the repair will be at your expense.

Can I count on 24-hour assistance in these cases?

As mentioned, car insurance does not cover mechanical or electrical problems, unless they are caused by an accident such as a collision or lightning strike.

However, if you have a 24-hour assistance service, you can count on it in these situations.

24-hour assistance is a package of services made available to the insured by insurance companies, which are provided on a priority basis, when requested, with lower prices than normal, in some cases even free of charge and easy payment.


Both in the case of an electrical breakdown and a mechanical breakdown, your chances of getting help from the insurance company through 24-hour assistance are the same.

For example, if you experience one of these problems and call your insurance's 24-hour assistance, you will have two alternatives:

  1. Request a tow truck: most of the time, this service is offered free of charge by the insurance company. The tow truck will take your car to a workshop, within the contracted mileage, so that the vehicle can be repaired at your expense.
  2. Request electrical or mechanical assistance: in this case, the insurance company may send a mechanic, accredited by the company, to your car so that he can repair the vehicle there. However, it must be said that you must pay the professional. Most of the time, this assistance, when provided through 24-hour assistance, is cheaper than in cases where it is contracted privately.

It is worth remembering that, to use 24-hour assistance, the insurance does not charge a deductible, nor do you lose class points, or as it is also known, bonuses, as when opening a claim, for example.

Therefore, it is worth taking out insurance that offers 24-hour assistance.

Even if you are just looking for simpler coverage, such as robbery and theft, for example, it is interesting to invest a little more and count on this service.


Now that you know that the answer to the question whether auto insurance covers mechanics is negative, but that counting on 24-hour assistance can be a good idea, even if you are careful with your vehicle.

It is worth considering the fact that not everyone is lucky every day and unforeseen events happen.

What services are offered in 24-hour assistance?

In addition to mechanical or electrical assistance and the winch, which we have already mentioned above, 24-hour assistance generally has a further series of services that can be very useful in your daily life.

Discover some of them below:

  1. Keychain

Has it ever happened that you lock your vehicle with the key inside and are very far from home, or simply don't have a spare key?

If this hasn't happened to you yet, know that it could happen at any time, and if it has already happened, you are not exempt from going through it more often.

In this case, you can contact your insurance's 24-hour assistance and request a locksmith, within a short time a qualified professional will reach you and resolve your problem.

  1. Dry bread

Anyone is liable to miscalculate the amount of fuel in the tank, or simply forget to fill up and end up running out of fuel halfway.

If you experience this, and have 24-hour assistance that responds to breakdowns, simply contact your insurance company and request assistance.

In this case, either you will receive a person with a quantity of fuel that must be stipulated in the contract, or you will have the assistance of a tow truck to the nearest fueling station.

  1. Backup car

This service guarantees the insured person a spare car in case they suffer an accident and need to leave their car parked in the workshop for many days.

Not all 24-hour assistance coverages offer this service.

But, if you depend on the vehicle for work, this could be a very interesting additional hire.

  1. Automotive centers

Insurers have a wide list of workshops and automotive centers that provide a series of services at lower prices for policyholders.

In these locations it is possible to carry out mileage maintenance, inspections, alignments, paint repairs and much more.

  1. accommodation

Some insurance companies offer accommodation services within 24-hour assistance, which guarantees accommodation for the driver if their vehicle suffers an accident far from home and the repair takes more than 24 hours to be carried out.

The hosting time and rules for this service vary according to what is stipulated in the contract.

  1. Residential help

Some insurance companies offer home services such as electrical repairs, cleaning services and maintenance.

In other words, if you have a problem with a socket or have a party and need a cleaner, you can count on the insurance company.

  1. Services for your Pet

Not all companies offer this type of service either, but some of them offer transport to the vet, bathing and grooming and a few other benefits related to your Pet.

  1. Discounts

Another advantage of having 24-hour assistance is the discount club that can promote discounts for the insured in parking lots, workshops, stores and much more.

Now that you know better how insurance companies and coverage work in relation to mechanical or electrical problems and you even know more about 24-hour assistance and its services.

Things should be much clearer for you!

We hope you no longer have any doubts as to whether your car insurance covers mechanics, but if you still have any, it is important to always consult your broker and pay attention to the signed policy.


Does auto insurance cover mechanics? Understand with Seguroauto!

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Does auto insurance cover mechanics? Understand with Seguroauto!


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Does auto insurance cover mechanics? Understand with Seguroauto!

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