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Whindersson Nunes loses epic fight to King Kenny in boxing tournament

Whindersson Nunes faced, on Saturday night (15), also youtuber King Kenny. The fight between the youtubers was worth the semifinal of the High Stakes tournament, an amateur boxing competition that involves influencers and public figures from around the world. Whindersson Nunes ended up losing the fight by referee decision. The final is expected to take place in September in London.

The fight took place in Dublin, Ireland, a place with many fans of the sport and martial arts tradition, in addition to being the home country of fighter Conor McGregor. With considerable support from the local fans and Brazilians residing in the country, Whindersson Nunes entered the ring focused on ending the fight as quickly as possible, after the atmosphere between the two youtubers became tense during the weigh-in yesterday (14).


King Kenny even provoked Whindersson Nunes by choosing Brazilian music “Stopped at the Ballet” to enter the ring, dressed in a green and yellow robe and displaying the Brazilian flag. The Brazilian entered alongside singer RAPadura Xique-Chico, showing northeastern music to all the boxing fans who followed the tournament.

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Whindersson Nunes cheers up the audience in Dublin (Video: Playback/Instagram/@kingpynboxing)

The first round was one of recognition between the fighters, but Whindersson was unable to successfully apply any blows. In the second round King Kenny consolidated his superiority against the Brazilian who went to the ground, but managed to get up in time.

Despite the Brazilian’s recovery from the third round, Whindersson Nunes was unable to reverse the result. King Kenny used his greater wingspan and speed to maintain comfort until the end of the last round. The result of the judges could not be different from what was presented in the fight, and the decision was in favor of the British King Kenny.

Despite being an amateur celebrity tournament, the tournament is being taken very seriously by the participants. Whindersson Nunes himself recently revealed to the channel Laerte Viana-in the area, that boxing is a passion in his life and that he is interested in dedicating himself as much as possible to the noble art, regardless of the result of the fight that took place today. Even after the defeat, the Brazilian managed to keep his head high and not be affected by the result, being a respectful opponent and congratulating King Kenny.


In addition to the fight between Whindersson Nunes and King Kenny, there were five more fights between celebrities, including the Brazilian Jully Poca who went to the final in her category. The High Stakes tournament is a company-planned event Kingpyn Boxing, and the final of the tournament is scheduled to take place on September 2 in London. King Kenny will now face the Saudi AnEsonGibwinner of the other semifinal against youtuber Jarvis.

Featured Photo: Promotion of the fight between Whindersson Nunes and King Kenny. Playback/Instagram/@whinderssonnunes


Whindersson Nunes loses epic fight to King Kenny in boxing tournament

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