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Women in Love: Diogo and Marina leave the house

In “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, a soap opera shown by Rede Globo, Diogo (Rodrigo Santoro) and Marina (Paloma Duarte) can no longer bear to live with Silvia (Natalia do Vale) and Afranium (Paulo Figueiredo).


Diogo and Marina fight with Silvia and Afrânio. Marina accuses her mother of living the farce of a failed marriage. Diogo and Marina leave the house. Flora accidentally burns a blouse of Doris, who is furious. Carlão and Carlinhos scold Doris, but Leopoldo and Flora are devastated. Diogo and Marina settle in the hotel. Marina feels sorry for her mother’s unhappiness. Fernanda and Salete have dinner and Salete says that she misses Téo. Rafael says that Diogo can stay at the hotel as long as he needs to, but he advises his son to rethink his job at his father-in-law’s tourism agency. Sílvia and Afrânio tell Lorena that Marina and Diogo left the house. Lorena promises Sílvia that she will try to help with Diogo and Marina’s situation. Heloísa arrives home happy after making some sales at the auction. Téo gives a doll and Salete. Wilma encourages Fernanda to bet on Téo now that he’s separated. Silvia talks to Marina at the hotel, trying to make peace with her daughter. Lorena advises her son about marriage. Téo walks with Lucas at the mall trying not to reveal anything about the separation. Rodrigo is discharged. César is affectionate with him and Marcinha, and Luciana notices. Because of a storm, Expedito tells Lorena that she’s going to sleep at her mother’s house. She is disappointed, but Expedito appears by surprise, soaked.



Thursday, July 6th

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Téo tells Pérola that, now that he’s left home, he values ​​being with Lucas more. Lorena and Expedito spend the night together. Lucas tells his father that he remembered his advice and the fear of the storm passed. César tells his mother about meeting Helena and Matilde says she wants to distance herself from that woman. Laura has a bad feeling and calls César asking him to tell her that she loves him. Celia comments that Expedito slept in Lorena’s room. Marina and Rodrigo arrive for prenatal care and bump into Luciana. Lorena takes coffee in bed to Expedito. Celeste tells her that Gracinha has arrived from Santa Catarina. Adelaide tells of an episode of racism she went through with the mother of a student. Leandro, Hilda, Sérgio and Hilda talk about Helena and Téo’s separation. Helena arrives from her trip and Téo is sleeping in her bed with Lucas. Téo takes the son to bed. Helena asks them to transform the relationship between husband and wife into friendship and admiration. Wilma encourages Fernanda to invest in Téo. Heloísa feels that her husband is distant and Sérgio says that she needs to take care of her mind. Téo admires Helena putting on moisturizer, nostalgic for the details of family life. He finds that falling in love is an act between two, and that when love ends, it ends first for one person. Happy, Lucas wakes up Téo and Helena. Miraculously peaceful breakfast at the Andrade de Melo house. Lucas asks both parents to take him to school. · Raquel is terrified when she receives a call from her ex, Marcos.

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Friday, July 7th

Raquel despairs because Marcos got her phone number and fights with Yvone for giving her number to a friend. She fears it will start all over again. Lorena tells Expedito that she’s going to talk to her family about their relationship. Hilda jokes with her sister who doesn’t believe that Helena and Téo haven’t had a relapse. Hilda says that Sérgio is on edge and asks if Helena knows Mulheres Que Amam Demais. Oswaldo comments that Expedito is having an affair with his boss and Ana gets upset. Raquel still in shock from the phone call. Yvonne apologizes. Raquel says she just doesn’t want Marcos to find out her address. The students talk about the entrance exam. Santana ‘speech’ about the pains and pleasures of being a teacher. Rafael advises Téo to solve Fernanda’s problem, as she is a snowball about to go down the cliff. Diogo and Rafael speculate about the reason for the dinner offered by Lorena. Lorena announces to her family that she and Expedito are living as a couple. Mocked, Rafael wants them to have children. All are in favor of the couple, except Ana. Ana tells Lorena that the social difference between her and Expedito is very big and Lorena argues that Ana is being as prejudiced as Marta in relation to Edwiges. Ana understands. Afrânio calls Diogo to talk and work things out. Clara and Rafaela don’t like to see Margareth arriving for a meeting with Helena. Helena tells Santana that she’s going to have lunch with Téo and Lucas to tell her about the divorce. Gracinha enters the plot. She and Claudio meet again after many years. Téo finds Helena and Lucas at the restaurant. Affectionate with their son, Helena and Téo tell Lucas that they are separating. Time pass a few days later. Onofre comments that Laura’s birthday would be a good date for her to marry César. Tereza pays attention and comments to Luciana that her friend has chances, as César seemed cold. Fernanda takes Salete to the Hotel Bar to see Téo.

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Women in Love: Diogo and Marina leave the house

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