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Women in Love: Edwiges is furious with Cláudio

In “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, it seems that Edwiges (Caroline Dieckmann) and Claudio (Erik Marmo) are facing a relationship crisis.


Caesar accuses Helena of being pretentious. He threatens to call Luciana so Helena can tell her everything about their past. Miguel jokes with Luciana about her relationship with César. Heloísa is disappointed with the dry card she receives from her husband and takes it out on Irene, who gives it to her. César accuses Helena of acting lightly and dishonestly. He insists that he was married when she reappeared in his life, they separated, but she left him for Téo, without giving any explanation. Salete asks if Fernanda likes Téo. Sílvia is moved by Caetano. Shirlei tells Silvia that Caetano is separated and has a child with his ex. Santana puts alcohol in the juice and Paulinha accidentally drinks it. Accomplices, Helena and Ana save the situation. Helena seriously scolds Santana and advises her to seek treatment. Luciana tells César that their relationship has no future. He insists on dinner. Raquel is startled to hear on her cell phone the music that her ex-husband played when he attacked her. Nervous, the teacher says that Marcos already knows everything about her. Edwiges can’t go hang gliding with Cláudio, but Gracinha offers to go with him. Diogo complains to Marina about the changes in the work. Things get bad between the couple. Rodrigo convinces Edwiges to find her boyfriend. She reacts when she sees that Cláudio and Gracinha have jumped on a hang glider together. Edwiges is furious to see Claudio and Gracinha together and leaves. Helena talks to Paulinha, who complains about her father’s poverty. Helena advises her to value Oswaldo. Tereza tries to apologize to Luciana, who cuts the conversation short. Marcinha asks if Helena kept her father’s photo. Helena says that she has not seen the photo, that it is lost. When the student leaves, she tears up the photo. César asks about Luciana and Tereza says that she went home a little unwell. Edwiges confesses to Clara that she is ashamed because of the scene she made. Téo gives Lucas the drawing that Salete sent him. Claudio calls Edwiges, but she doesn’t want to answer. Gracinha invites Claudio to dinner. Luciana opens the door and finds Cesar with flowers in his hand.


“Mulheres Apaixonadas” is a soap opera aired by Rede Globo between February 17 and October 10, 2003. Written by Manoel Carlos and with general direction by Ricardo Waddington, the plot had big names in the cast, such as Christiane Torloni, Tony Ramos, Susana Vieira, Dan Stulbach and much more.

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Wednesday, July 26th

César is seductive and Luciana is embarrassed by the surprise visit. Helena gets irritated when Lucas shows the drawing made by Salete. Luciana tells César that she doesn’t think what’s being done with Laura is right, that she doesn’t want to hurt her. But the two get involved. Claudio looks for Edwiges. Tereza catches César together. She tells him that she just went to get some clothes and is going to visit her mother in Cabo Frio. Cláudio assures Edwiges that he never had anything to do with Gracinha, he reaffirms her love for her and the two make up. Marta tells Onofre that Gracinha is much more dangerous than Edwiges, as she is just a few steps away from Claudio’s room. Lucas shows Helena the drawing he made for Salete. The boy asks who he looks like and Helena gets emotional. Helena goes to the hotel bar to talk to Téo about Salete’s drawing. Helena threatens to judicially stipulate times for Téo to see his son and look for Fernanda. She insists, still, that they must tell Lucas that the son is adopted. Doris complains about her salary with Vidinha. They see Miguel playing volleyball on the beach and exchange phone numbers. Sílvia is worried when she sees Marina complaining to Diogo that he doesn’t come home sooner. Helena goes to Fernanda’s building. · Helena decides to go in and Salete tenderly pulls her by the hand into her house. Wilma says Fernanda went looking for a job. Salete convinces her to stay. Lorena suggests that Oswaldo build a room for Paulinha on top of Ana’s house. She reacts promptly, making it clear that there will be a room for Expedito. Helena is moved by Salete, who shows her the gifts she got from Téo and confides that she likes him very much. Wilma gives Fernanda’s phone number to Helena, who hands over Lucas’ drawing. Lorena is looking for Ana.

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Ana confesses that she doesn’t accept Lorena’s relationship with her son well. Lorena asks her to put aside her prejudices and think about Expedito’s happiness. Fernanda reacts badly when she finds out about Helena’s visit and is disgusted by the abuse. Salete says she asked her mother for a job at Helena’s school and Fernanda fights with her daughter. Rafael tells Lorena that he heard she was going to travel. Diogo shows his mother the script and refuses a call from Marina. Marina is furious that Diogo doesn’t answer her call and says that she feels that he has changed after she lost the baby. Sílvia asks Shirley questions about Caetano. Hedwig prays, unsure of her relationship. She talks with Father Pedro and Alzira. Téo is looking for Helena. Téo blames Helena for going to Fernanda’s house. She says she saw the photo of Lucas with him at Fernanda’s house, Salete’s gifts and asks what Téo is so afraid of. Helena tells him that from now on he will need to call and make an appointment to visit his son. Heloise arrives. Marina is going to take the test and softens when she sees that Diogo is actually working with Lorena. Heloisa complains to Helena that Sergio only called her twice. Luciana prepares for surgery, but Laura intervenes and tells her that she will be the assistant. César realizes in the operating room that it is Laura and not Luciana who is beside her. Furious, Luciana fights with Tereza because everyone is talking about what happened and says that she doesn’t owe anyone anything. Luciana says that Tereza doesn’t need to worry because she won’t be kicked out of the apartment. Helena notices Salete’s drawing and asks her son to hurry to school. In parallel, Fernanda does the same with Salete. Lorena talks to Téo and fears that he and Helena end up hating each other. Helena and Téo argue and are calmed down by Lorena. Marly can’t quite remember the name of the city that Sérgio said on the phone, to Heloisa’s dismay. Vidinha helps Heloisa discover where Sergio is: Bilbao. Vidinha begins to dream of a trip with Sérgio and Heloisa is suspicious. Doris calls Estela, who is going to school to meet Father Pedro. Clara confesses to Rafaela that she is being pressured by her mother and doesn’t know what to do. Paulinha comments that Rodrigo is hitting on Clara. Cesar leaves the surgery very irritated with Laura and she finds him in his room, with Luciana sitting down. César fires Laura from his team and assures Luciana that the job is hers. Father Pedro talks excitedly with Vidinha and Doris about the fair. Estela arrives, pretending to be surprised, and makes herself available to help. Raquel sees Marcos’ car outside the building. · Laura goes to Luciana’s house.

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Friday, July 28th

Raquel discovers her ex-husband’s car parked at her door. Ivone gets out, sees that the license plate is from SP and recognizes the little figure in the rear view mirror. Rachel despairs. Luciana is outraged when Laura wants to know if she really loves César. Laura guarantees that Luciana will be replaced by another. Helena tells Estela to come to her senses. Estela offers the priest a ride. Rodrigo is at the hospital reception when he sees Laura go up to the office. He goes after her and mocks her for asking for the ‘first lady’ job. Laura wants César’s next girlfriend to be worse than her. Estela asks if Father Pedro has ever been in love and he confirms. She gives a ride and Alzira sees them both. Edwiges and Cláudio are together in the pool. Silvia comments to her sister that Marina’s marriage was shaken after the loss of the baby. Celeste glares at Edwiges and Cláudio and tells her husband that Gracinha should be with Cláudio. Gracinha makes a pun on Edwiges’ name. Edwiges tells Ana that she is unable to compete with Gracinha. Sílvia gets stuck in the elevator with Caetano and almost feels sick. Marina complains that Diogo has changed with her now that she is no longer pregnant. Leila advises Heloisa to go to the MADA support group, Mulheres que Amama Demais. Helô says goodbye to his sister and niece and dreams of Sérgio’s return. At peace with his son, César agrees to give Rodrigo money to enter into partnership with Cláudio and Diogo. Three day pass. Heloísa complains to Amadeu about the danger of thieves entering the building. Then she goes to the door of MADA, but she finds a pregnant friend in the street, pretends that her marriage is going very well and leaves. Yvone and Raquel discover that the car is no longer parked and they decide to go shopping at the market. Heloisa returns home and finds Sérgio back, taking a shower. Carlinhos confirms that Leopoldo is going to give a lecture on theater at the college. Doris implies. Carlão tells about Sérgio and Heloísa’s reunion. At the market, Raquel feels observed and panics, until she drops a vase when bumping into a man.

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Women in Love: Edwiges is furious with Cláudio

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