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Women in Love: Edwiges is jealous of Claudio

In “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, Cláudio (Erik Marmo) and Edwiges (Caroline Dieckmann) are super in love, but the girl has a lot of insecurities.


Diogo and Marina devastated by the loss of the baby. Sílvia prophesies that without the pregnancy, her daughter’s marriage will end. Marina suffers a lot and doesn’t understand why she has to go through this. Diogo assures her that he loves her and won’t leave her. Lorena, Dóris and Vidinha celebrate that Carlota thought Expedito had a chance to be a model. They combine to make a book. Rafael arrives saying that Marina lost the baby. Edwiges walks the dogs and Claudio approaches, affectionate. Silvia fears the mismatch between the love that Marina feels for Diogo and vice versa. Lorena comforts her son. Rodrigo calls Clara to play Juliet and Rafaela notices his gaze. Cutie calls and Edwiges gets jealous. Lorena and Silvia console Marina. Dr. Marcondes warns that Marina could get pregnant soon. Estela recommends photographers for Expedito’s book. César searches for Luciana, but does not find her. Onofre makes the clinic available to his sister-in-law, Sílvia. César sympathizes with Lorena. Helena is disturbed when talking to Lorena on the phone and knowing that she is at César’s side. Santana teases Lobato. Doris is dazzled at the mall by Estela, who ends up buying a dress for her assistant. Doris asks to drive Estela’s car, which she lets. Irene and Carlão collect the month’s accounts. Helena talks to Téo about Lucas’s little attention problems at school and thinks it’s time to reveal the truth to the boy. Téo disagrees, arguing that this is not the time. Marina sleeps and Diogo goes out for lunch. Luciana goes to Marina’s room.


“Mulheres Apaixonadas” is a soap opera aired by Rede Globo between February 17 and October 10, 2003. Written by Manoel Carlos and directed by Ricardo Waddington, the plot had big names in the cast, such as Christiane Torloni, Tony Ramos, Susana Vieira, Dan Stulbach and much more.

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Thursday, July 20th

Luciana guarantees that she is very sorry, but Marina jokes that she must be happy with the loss of the baby. Lorena mourns the loss of her grandson. Vidinha marks Expedito’s photo session. Marina asks Diogo not to leave the room any longer. Onofre speaks and César reinforces the invitation to Luciana to join the doctors who are going to have a drink, but she refuses because she is on duty. Tereza thinks she should invest, but Luciana makes it clear that César is her boss. César invites Luciana to lunch later that week. Back home, Diogo pampers Marina and feeds her. She feels incapable of having a child. Expedito takes the photos. Lorena, Doris and Vidinha accompany everything, giving opinions, looking fascinated and smiling at each other. Helena offers a security guard to accompany Raquel, but she refuses. Three days later Marina cries arranging the clothes she bought for her son. Silvia reassures her. Helena gets upset when Luciana talks to Téo about her work with César and comments that the doctor is hitting on her. Helena is surprised by César’s interest precisely in his stepdaughter. Santana advises her to look for César. Hilda is unable to convince Heloisa to leave the house, fearing she will miss a call from Sérgio, who is travelling. Marcinha feels Fred’s absence at school. Laura calls arranging a meeting Expedito’s photos are ready and everyone loves it. Rodrigo presents the theater project to Helena and tells Helena that her father is losing interest in Laura. César praises Luciana’s work and insists that they have lunch together one day. Raquel changes her phone number and is terrified to receive flowers from her ex-husband.

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Friday, July 21st


Raquel despairs when she realizes that Marcos already knows where she lives, works, everything. Helena blames Estela for continuing to drink. Estela asks her cousin for help to donate a car to the church. Rodrigo and Clara ride a motorcycle, then have a coconut and talk about problems with their father/mother. Marcinha tells Laura that Rodrigo is someone else after the news of the postponement of the wedding. They go out to lunch. Estela and Helena agree to help the priests. Raquel cries on the beach. Fred sees her and keeps her company. César asks Luciana to massage his shoulders. Lucas shows Helena a photo of Salete that he found in his father’s hotel room. Laura enters her office and finds Luciana giving Cesar a massage. César reacts naturally, but Laura gets annoyed and asks what else Luciana is doing in her absence. Helena doesn’t like to know that Salete was at Nick Bar. Cont. Laura furious and César pretending to be normal. Laura accuses Luciana of replacing her very well, in every sense. Luciana does not admit Laura’s accusations and retorts that César is, yes, hitting on her, but that she has done nothing wrong. Helena suggests holding a festival to benefit the parish of Padre Pedro on Edwiges’ birthday. Edwiges calls Cláudio to tell him the news and he is at the pool with Gracinha. Marcinha consoles Laura, who guarantees that there will be no more marriage. Luciana tells Tereza that she didn’t want to upset Laura. César asks Luciana to forgive him and insists that they have dinner together. Fernanda is fired. Helena consults Lorena about the fair. They comment on Estela’s love for Father Pedro. Fernanda tells Téo that she was fired and he comforts her awkwardly. Heloisa finally manages to talk to Sérgio on the phone. Marina and Diogo meet Estela at breakfast. Salete asks if Téo couldn’t marry Fernanda and be her real father.

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Women in Love: Edwiges is jealous of Claudio

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