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Women in Love: Helena and Salete meet

In “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, Helena’s wedding (Christiane Torloni) and Teo (Tony Ramos) came to an end, but she remains suspicious of him.


Helena and Wilma introduce themselves and Lucas and Salete play together. Salete tells Lucas that she saw Téo play at the bar. Helena remembers Heloísa giving Fernanda’s address and encouraging a DNA test. Sad, Heloísa asks Sergio not to travel, but he says he will. Soccer game in Raquel’s class. Girls win 2-1. Salete tells Helena that she doesn’t have a father. Hilda asks if Salete looks like Téo. Helena believes not, but that she was curious to meet Fernanda. Luciana picks up Lucas for a walk. Helena asks Hilda not to say anything to Helô about the meeting with Salete. Heloise suffers. Doris and her grandparents enjoy a trip to Christ the Redeemer. Wilma tells Fernanda about meeting Helena. Fernanda wonders what Helena suspects about her. Claudio asks about Gracinha and Celeste looks after her daughter. Hedwig calls. Oswaldo buys a bicycle for Paulinha. Paulinha throws the tray on the floor and runs away, ashamed of her father. Ana and Edwiges are unhappy with the way Paulinha treats her father. Marcinha invites Helena to the little party at her house. Helena gives a thousand justifications, but Marcinha insists. Salete tells Fernanda how the meeting with Lucas and Helena went. Luciana takes Lucas to see Téo play and he tells his father about the meeting with Salete and Helena. Matilde fears the approach of Helena and César. Marcinha tells her father that Helena broke up and that she shouldn’t go to the little party. Heloísa tries to please Sergio, but he ignores her. Marcinha’s party begins. Laura calls César, aware that she is not welcome there. Helena wonders if she should go to Marcinha’s party and Heloísa encourages her. César goes down to the party and Marcinha introduces her teachers, when Helena arrives.


“Mulheres Apaixonadas” is a soap opera aired by Rede Globo between February 17 and October 10, 2003. Written by Manoel Carlos and directed by Ricardo Waddington, the plot had big names in the cast, such as Christiane Torloni, Tony Ramos, Susana Vieira, Dan Stulbach and much more.

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Wednesday, July 12th

César and Helena greet each other, embarrassed. Helena tells Santana that César sees her soul when he looks at her. Santana encourages Helena to go after Cesar. Santana drinks and Helena asks her to take it easy. Flora worries because Leopoldo is completely confused. Matilde advises César to keep his distance from Helena. Helena invites Rodrigo to set up a theater group at the school and César is very supportive. The photographer takes a picture of them as if they were a couple. Helena talks to Raquel. Carlinhos asks Raquel to dance. Matilde greets Helena with an air of resentment. Sérgio tells Helô that she shouldn’t have encouraged Helena to go to the party. He says that he would like to have a child. Helena tries to justify her presence at the party and ends up arguing with César. He accuses Helena of always being confused about her feelings. Helena retorts, furious. Doris steals money and lipstick from Estela. The doctor explains that Leopoldo may have an infection, which in the elderly is mental confusion. Mocked, Doris insists that it could be Alzheimer’s or dementia. Helena tells Hilda about her meeting with César at the party, and that the blood rose. Lorena tells Helena about the fashion show that will take place at the hotel and her desire to turn Expedito into a model. Leopoldo improves to the delight of Flora and Carlão. Marcinha arrives with Laura at the restaurant where Helena is. She leaves just as she introduces her father’s bride and Caesar arrives. When they leave for another table, Lorena comments that she didn’t think César was excited about the wedding. Marcinha is excited about the wedding theme, but César wants nothing more than a discreet reception. César tells Laura that they are rushing the wedding and they argue. Luciana disagrees with a doctor and suggests another procedure. Caesar approves and monitors. The students watch the video in which they ‘dressed up’ as elderly people and understand that they need to empathize with the elderly. César and Luciana sit at the same table in the clinic’s cafeteria and he praises the doctor’s work. Santana tries to approach Lobato, but without success. She pours the drink into the coffee cup, Helena catches her and scolds her. Helena says that she found César at the restaurant organizing a wedding. Santana encourages Helena to declare herself. Laura gets upset when she sees César with Luciana.

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Thursday, July 13th


Laura gets upset when she sees César with Luciana. Clara is afraid her mother will cut her allowance or stop paying her school fees. Laura tells César that she is going to take a vacation without him, so that he can take advantage of the time and think about whether she really wants to get married. Heloísa tries to get closer to Sérgio, suggests going to Europe too, but he remains cold. Marcinha tells her grandmother that she felt her father doesn’t want to get married. Rodrigo listens satisfied. César sees Luciana at the Nick Bar and discovers that she is the daughter of Téo, the man Helena left him for. Pérola and Téo think about where to rehearse. Onofre and Alfredo are surprised by César’s silence. Helena thinks about harsh words spoken by César and Téo. Tereza implies that Luciana will soon be treated as First Lady at the clinic and Luciana says that if a rumor starts, she will know that she left Tereza. Téo is invited by the doctors to have a drink with them. Vidinha, Doris, Lorena and Expedito play modeling. They choose a stage name for him: Vittorio Morales. Luciana says goodbye to her parents. César says Luciana has everything to make a brilliant career at the hospital. Luciana and César exchange glances. At home, she gets mixed up. Maria and Sônia tell Helena that they made a promise for Téo to come home. Rodrigo arrives at the clinic and follows Laura into the living room. Rodrigo accuses Laura of preparing to take possession of her mother’s fortune. He stops her from leaving the room. César calls Luciana to be part of his team during Laura’s vacation. Rodrigo accuses Laura of having accelerated Isabel’s death. She defends herself by saying that Caesar’s marriage was over. Rodrigo says that César will change her for a younger woman, just like he did with his mother. Téo arrives for lunch with Helena and Lucas. Rodrigo says that he will do everything for Laura to be unhappy and suggests that she stay with a rich old man. She advances on him and Cesar arrives just in time. Laura shouts at Rodrigo that she loves Cesar. Rodrigo calls Laura an idiot for not realizing that César doesn’t love her. César throws his son out of the office. In the car, Laura thinks about what Rodrigo said. Tereza tells Luciana that César has his eye on her and that his marriage shouldn’t happen. Téo has lunch with Helena and Lucas. He says he was happy with the compliments that César paid to Luciana and Helena. Téo tells Helena that he misses her a lot and that he still has hope of getting back together. Laura tells César that it’s better to postpone the wedding because he’s insecure and she won’t beg for that love. She decides to have ‘a Caesar’s vacation’.

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Friday, July 14th

Preparations for the parade at the hotel. The girls watch the models. Super intimate stele of the organization. She arranges a little party in the suite. Diogo leaves for the birth date. Afrânio charges if he returns to the office. Téo pensive at the bar. Salete secretly telephones him and arranges an outing. Pizza at Helena’s house with her sisters and husbands. Matilde and Marcinha find out about the clash between Rodrigo and Laura at the clinic. César scolds Rodrigo for fighting Laura. Passionate, Marina films Diogo and they play for the camera. César tells his family that he is going to postpone the wedding with Laura. Marcinha questions her father and Rodrigo celebrates. Helena tells the sisters that Téo had a drink with César, who is scheduled to marry. Matilde worries that the postponement of the wedding was because of Helena. Doris calls a friend and comments that she hates her grandmother, who didn’t tell her there was a party. Amadeu warns that Seu Leopoldo is sick. Leopoldo recovers from the scare. Doris picks them up at the lobby and is harsh with the grandparents. Rodrigo goes to the school to talk to Helena about the theater group there. Diogo tells Téo about his relationship with his in-laws and encourages his uncle to enjoy life. Laura distant with Cesar. He communicates that he called Luciana to join the team during Laura’s vacation. Rosinha tells Raquel that Marcos called her at school. Raquel gets scared and drops her coffee cup on the floor. Raquel doesn’t talk and Rosinha doesn’t understand. Luciana takes Laura’s place, who goes on vacation. Fred finds Raquel’s behavior strange. Marcinha tells Helena that César postponed the wedding. Zilda tells Carlinhos how Doris treated her grandparents badly. Carlinhos welcomes the grandparents. Sergio says goodbye to Heloisa to go on a trip and asks Helena to take care of his wife. Carlinhos tells Carlão that Leopoldo was shaking with nerves and that he doesn’t even want to leave the room. Zilda confirms. Heloísa appears at the boarding point, surprises Sergio with the passport and says that she is going to travel with him.

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Women in Love: Helena and Salete meet

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