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FIFA 23: In FIFA 23, for the first time, two women’s leagues will be playable, reports publisher EA Thursday. These are the British FA Women’s Super League and the French Division 1 Féminine. Later, other leagues should also be added to the game.

It is not known which other leagues will be added and when that will happen. However, it is known that the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will be playable. That championship will take place next year. FIFA23 will also feature the Men’s World Cup in Qatar.

when does fifa 23 come out

In 2015, women’s teams were added to the FIFA series for the first time, It involved a handful of international teams with which online matches and tournaments could be played. That number stood in FIFA 22 at seventeen.

fifa 23 release date

Friday, September 30


FIFA 23 is going to be crossly which is EA Sports officially launches worldwide on Friday, September 30 and will be live in PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, all Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC Windows and lastly on Google Stadia platforms.

According to FIFA 23 producer Matt Lafreniere, player movements are captured in 3D for realistic animations in the game. EA says it will soon come up with more information about the innovations in the game.

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FIFA23 will be the last title in the series from publisher EA that bears the name FIFA. Due to disagreements over costs and exclusivity, FIFA’s license will be extended to multiple game developers. Ea’s next football games will be titled EA Sports FC.



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FIFA 23 is going to be crossplay which is coming out soon. players across PC Stadia , Playstaions, Xbox will be able to play and challenge each other. most friendly inter cross platform players on same generation.

Note that users can only play on the same platform generation. PS5 and Xbox series etc..

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