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5 reasons to take out truck insurance
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Currently, buying a vehicle and not ensuring that you take out auto insurance for your protection is unthinkable, especially if we are talking about a truck. If you have or are thinking about buying one, you need to follow this article and learn the 6 tips for taking out cheap truck insurance.

Have you purchased a truck or already have one that you use for work and want to keep it protected?


Know that this is the best choice you can make to prevent extra expenses and protect yourself from the risk of losing your vehicle.

tips when choosing your car insurance

However, hiring a truck insurance It's not one of the cheapest things in the world.

Therefore, in order to help you reduce the costs of this contract, we have prepared this article with 7 tips for taking out cheap truck insurance, follow along.

5 tips for getting cheap truck insurance
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Reasons to take out truck insurance

Having truck insurance is essential, even if this service ends up being a little more expensive than for a popular or passenger car.

It is common to find people who have just bought a vehicle and are in doubt whether taking out car insurance to protect it is worth it or not.


However, when we talk about trucks, this question is more uncommon.

Robbery and theft

We are living in times when theft and theft of trucks and cargo is increasing. These are vehicles intended for dismantling, in which the parts are separated and sold at lower prices.

Repair cost

Furthermore, as these are larger vehicles and have more specialized mechanics, any problem that a truck presents can be much more expensive to repair than for a passenger car.

Furthermore, the number of traffic accidents involving trucks is increasing. To give you an idea, in 2018 alone, 69,206 accidents were recorded on Brazilian highways.


That's why taking out auto insurance for a truck is so important, regardless of whether the vehicle is small or large, or used exclusively in urban or intercity areas.

6 tips for getting cheap truck insurance

1. Research a lot

The first tip for getting cheaper truck insurance is to do a lot of research.

Porto Seguro Auto Mulher | Personalized auto insurance

There are countless coverage possibilities on the market and they can all have very different prices from one insurer to another.

Therefore, the more you research, the greater the chances of finding coverage that suits your needs at a more affordable price.


Insurance companies have plans with very different costs, and comparing them is essential.

2. Only choose coverage that is really necessary

As mentioned, the coverage options of a truck insurance They can be quite comprehensive, but with most insurance companies they are customizable.

Therefore, be aware of all the coverage offered and choose only those that will really be useful.

3. Install security mechanisms

When taking out insurance, a vehicle tracker installed in the truck can be welcomed by the insurance company and, therefore, help reduce rates. Trackers are especially relevant if insurance is taken out for cargo transportation.


This type of equipment helps protect against theft or theft and reduces the cost of hiring because the device can facilitate the recovery of the vehicle.

After all, when a vehicle is stolen or stolen and then recovered, the insurance company only needs to repair the damage.

Just like in the case of a tracker, installing the blocker on the truck brings more security and guarantees that the truck will not be stolen.

The blocker is a device that can be activated remotely and stops the vehicle from functioning.


The advantage, in this case, is the low cost of a blocker. In many cases, it can still be purchased in association with the tracker. Therefore, it is worth consulting the tracking company on this matter.

Franchise: existing types | afrilatest/franquia

In the following table, we quickly explain the difference between blocker, tracker and locator.

This way, you will have an easier time choosing the best device for your case, or even combining them for greater protection.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

Blocker Tracker Finder
It blocks the vehicle's operating systems, preventing it from moving. Location carried out via GPS or antennas, 24 hours a day, with different scope possibilities. Solution also used for logistics monitoring, provides location and other data over the internet.

4. Hire an armed escort

Armed escort contributes to reducing cargo theft and, consequently, the reduced risk is reflected in the insurance value.


The prices for hiring an escort are not that expensive, and the cost-benefit ratio is high. This service is particularly advantageous for protecting several vehicles belonging to a carrier.

5. Park in a safe place

When taking out any insurance, the insurer analyzes the profile of the driver and car.

The lower the perceived risk of loss, the lower the insurance cost.

The assessment generally considers aspects such as the driver's experience behind the wheel, their location of traffic and residence.


It is for this reason that the value of protection may be lower if, at the time of taking out the insurance, you declare that you have truck garage. A vehicle parked in a closed space has a lower chance of being stolen or stolen.

see how to hire, benefits and more!

However, in the event of an accident of this type, coverage is only valid if it is proven that the vehicle was parked in a safe location.

6. Have a good track record

Another aspect evaluated by the insurance company when taking out insurance is the driver's accident history.

The company will prefer someone who does not have many incidents and a history of collisions or fines.


If your profile presents little risk, insurance will be cheaper.

7 tips for getting cheap truck insurance 7 tips for getting cheap truck insurance
Image: Pikist

What does truck insurance cover?

In general, truck insurance on the market protects the vehicle against collision, theft, theft and fire.

In addition to these claims, many insurance companies guarantee assistance in the event of flooding, hail, floods and even mechanical problems.

Insurance companies offer certain services through 24-hour assistance, so that the user can count on an even faster response from the company.

In addition to common coverage, the insured can also opt for some additional coverage.


One of the optional coverages consists of accessories, including the truck's windows and the car stereo.

Optional Civil Liability coverage can be just as interesting, as it guarantees the payment of third-party losses.

How to choose one of the best truck insurance companies?

Search on authority sites. Search for the insurer's name on the SUSEP, Procon, Reclame Aqui website and even on the companies' social networks. Check the reputation of these insurers, in addition to evaluating the insurance itself.

Average price of insurance for Cargo 2429

Here at you will also find a ranking with the best insurance companies.


We suggest creating a list of at least 5 truck insurance companies and quoting with each of them. Fill out our form and receive plans from the most renowned companies in minutes.

By jointly evaluating the prices and coverage included in the plans, you will be able to hire the best option, according to your needs.

Remember that cheap insurance is not always better than truck insurance with a more complete plan, but more expensive.

With these six tips for taking out cheap truck insurance, you have no excuses for driving on the roads unsafely. By following the advice above, the savings will be certain.


Get a quote now and be sure that you are always protected!

In other words, taking out insurance is essential to have peace of mind when traveling on the roads.

5 reasons to take out truck insurance

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5 reasons to take out truck insurance



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5 reasons to take out truck insurance

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