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Is car theft insurance worth it?
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Car theft insurance is more affordable than many think, but is it worth it? Check out!

Unforeseen events happen — and how! — and of course it is not possible to avoid the consequences of all of them. But we can do something to avoid (or reduce) them in some situations.


According to the Tracker-Fecap bulletin, based on numbers provided by the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP), between the months of January and April 2022 alone, 7,849 thefts and 21,249 robberies took place, which represents a robbery every 6 minutes.

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Contemplating this reality makes clear the need to protect our assets to avoid losses if something like this happens to us.

In this scenario, we find car theft insurance. Let's better understand what it is and how it works.

Is car theft insurance worth it?
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Car theft insurance

Insurance whose objective is to compensate the insured if their car is stolen or stolen.

This insurance is the cheapest option to protect yourself against financial damages resulting from the actions of criminals.


With this insurance, if your vehicle is stolen (or stolen) and is not recovered within the period determined by the insurer (which is generally 30 days), or if it is recovered but is damaged to the point of being considered a total loss, the insurer will compensate 100% of the value of the vehicle (based on the FIPE table).

It is important to remember that in these cases, as soon as the theft occurs, or upon noticing the theft, the owner must file a police report (Occurrence Report) and then contact the insurance company, which will assess the situation.

This same compensation applies to cars that had damages worth more than the price of the car. If the value is lower than this, the compensation provided by the insurer will be partial.

With more specific coverage, theft insurance only protects against the loss of the car. Some companies may also offer additional assistance and towing services.


Do you know the difference between theft and robbery?

Although it seems like the same thing, since in both cases the owner is left without his car, some details differ between the two situations.

Theft – When the car is taken in the absence of the owner, for example, the car was parked while the driver went to the market, but when he returns, it is no longer there.

Theft – It happens when the criminal acts in the presence of the owner, generally involving violence and coercion.

Why have car theft insurance?

Despite not covering all eventualities that could cause financial loss, theft insurance is still an advantage. Due to its smaller scope, it is easier insurance to take out.


● Without consultation with the SPC

As it is not necessary to consult the SPC/Serasa, negative people can benefit from it.

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● No profile analysis

As it does not offer coverage against collisions or damage to third parties, its price is not calculated according to the characteristics of the insured.


● No deductible or grace period

Fees relating to the franchise cannot be charged in the event of full compensation for theft or theft, as determined by Susep (Private Insurance Superintendence).

If the damage caused to the vehicle is less than 75% of its value, this fee may be applied.

● Protects any car

Any car, regardless of the date of manufacture, can be insured, as as it does not offer services related to maintenance or repairs, this issue does not become a relevant point.

● Cheaper

As it covers few situations (theft and theft) it is much more economical insurance. In some cases, its value can be up to 50% lower than traditional insurance.


How much does it cost?

As mentioned previously, this insurance does not require an assessment of the driver's profile, but the city where the vehicle operates and for what purpose it is used is assessed.

For example, a car traveling in São Paulo (a city with high rates of car theft) is at greater risk than if it were in another location, therefore, the value of your insurance will be higher.

Another point that directly influences the value is whether any additional coverage will be purchased.

It is possible to simulate insurance costs online, or contact a broker, who can provide you with the exact data and help you find the perfect insurance for you.


Taking out insurance

Currently, we can take out insurance without leaving home, via the internet or telephone.

Before deciding on an insurance company, it is important to assess its reputation and whether it is in good standing (it is possible to do this on the Susep website).

When taking out insurance (especially virtually), read and pay close attention to the contract clauses.

When filling out the form with information about you and your vehicle, make sure you don't hide anything. Just in case, check all the details carefully before sending.


Is it worth taking out car theft insurance?

Because it has a lower value and is more accessible, this insurance is interesting, as it protects against one of the biggest concerns for owners: theft (and theft).

To make sure this is the ideal insurance for you, carefully evaluate your needs and possibilities.

With the option of taking out additional clauses (according to the client's wishes) or staying lean, this insurance is an effective way of avoiding large losses without requiring the insured to pay large amounts.

However, if you want coverage for other risks, it may not be advantageous. Therefore, evaluate it with your broker and, if you have any questions, leave your comment below.


Is car theft insurance worth it?

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Is car theft insurance worth it?


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Is car theft insurance worth it?

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