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Summary of the chapters of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet from 08 to 05/12

Monday – May 8 – The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Clara Campos briefly explains to her granddaughter, Julieta, the history of the Castanheiras neighborhood and the division between Lado Vila and Lado Torre. Romeu’s grandfather, Leandro Monteiro, blames the Campos for the lack of progress and tells Romeu that his grandson will inherit the family business. At the CEC (Centro Esportivo Castanheiras), Téo argues with Alex, his biggest rival. The neighborhood learns about the CEC costume party, celebrating the institution’s 10th anniversary and Clara and Hélio’s golden anniversary. Even though he can’t attend the CEC, at the request of the Monteiro family, Romeu thinks about going to the event. Glaucia pleases Leandro the most because she thinks her father prefers Bernardo. Ellen calls Nath to play in the street, the girls observe Ian talking to himself. Ellen spots a Pedalzera gang sticker, a symbol that indicates that children cannot play in the marked area. Romeo lies to Vera stating that she will be at Alex’s house. The day of the costume party arrives at Centro Esportivo Castanheiras. Patrick is delighted with Juliet’s fantasy and beauty. Mariana is jealous of Daniel and Telma together. Alex takes Ian to the celebration but doesn’t want to be there for his brother. With a fertile imagination, Ian comes across a boy with a dragon costume and projects, in his head, an illusion of the real monster. Romeo and his cousins, Nando and Dimitri, try to crash through the back of the party, but Dimitri is unable to jump over the gate and Romeo tells him to go back home. Romeu and Nando enter the event court and bump into Hélio. Romeo looks at Juliet for the first time and feels a strong emotion. The Pedalzera gang notices Dimitri on the street and gives chase. Lívia and Alex talk, but Téo notices his girlfriend with his opponent and gets jealous. Juliet aims at Romeo and is dazzled.

Tuesday – May 9 – The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Wednesday – May 10 – The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Vera tells Bernardo that there was no one at Alex’s house, she gets worried when she remembers a similar situation in the past. Vitor announces that the best costume winners are Lívia and Alex; Téo can’t stand the fact. Vera and Bernardo fight Romeu for lying. Amanda and Mari are worried about the work that is being built in front of Armazém Vila das Flores and spy closely to find out what the new trade is; Vitor notices this scene and nudges the girls. Mari receives the magazine with Vera’s photo on the cover from the mail and throws it in the trash. Fausto asks Vera for a job for his daughter, Pórcia. Alex tells Romeo that Rosalina likes him and asks him to forget about the mysterious girl at the ball. Romeo goes to Lado Vila in search of Juli. Julieta notices the magazine with Vera’s article in the trash and questions her mother. Fausto tells Leandro that Romeu went to Helio’s party. Dimitri receives a message from Pedalzera for a meeting and goes to the address. Julieta is looking for Romeo on Lado Torre. Romeo discovers Juli’s address and goes to the place with flowers. Téo talks to his stepfather, Enzo, about flirting with Lívia. Ian loses the scout manual and when he finds it he realizes it is damaged; Leon, the lion of his imagination, appears to reassure him. Skateboarding on Lado Torre, Julieta is run over by Vera. Romeo goes to Juli’s house, encounters Hélio and discovers that the girl is the granddaughter of her grandfather’s rival. Vera tries to take care of Julieta and doesn’t know that she is Mariana’s daughter; Julieta tries to avoid Vera, since the girl knows the story of her mother’s opponent. Pedalzera releases a dog to run after Dimitri. Hélio and Clara insist that Romeu enter the house and have breakfast; he becomes apprehensive.


Thursday – May 11 – The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Hélio asks what is Romeu’s family last name; the boy invents another surname. Patrick and Téo watch Julieta walking on Lado Torre. Patrick suggests accompanying Julieta to her house; arriving at the residence, Juliet and Patrick bump into Romeo. At the gate of the house, alone, Patrick asks what Romeo wants with Juli. Telma takes her daughters to Armazém Vila das Flores to go shopping; in front of the trade, she sees Daniel riding a skateboard and decides to talk to the heartthrob. Inside the Warehouse, Karen yells at Ellen and Lívia doesn’t like her sister’s attitude. Mari observes Telma with Daniel and warns the woman that her daughters are arguing in the establishment. Romeo climbs the tree in Juli’s house and talks to the girl on the porch; they talk about a feeling they have never experienced before and the impasse because they are from different sides of Castanheiras. Later, Leandro explains to Romeu that he cannot attend the CEC; Vera says that the Campos family is a criminal. After being questioned by Julieta, Mari decides to reveal the conflict with Vera and the Monteiro family. Vera also tells Romeu about the fight with the Campos, but with her version of the story. Patrick notices a Towerside group in the square and calls his Villageside friends to confront them. Nath comments to Ellen that she found a corner without the Pedalzera marking to play. Lado Torre and Lado Vila create discord due to disputes over space in the square; Juliet arrives and interrupts.

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Friday – May 12 – The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Mariana shares with Amanda that she told her daughter about the past. Vitor arrives late at work and Mari yells at her brother for being tired of his disinterest. Mari tells Amanda that she sometimes thinks Vitor was the cause of her arrest. Through the article in the magazine, Julieta discovers that Romeu is from the Monteiro family. Romeo’s friends advise him to forget about Juliet. Lívia suggests that Julieta do the same with Romeo. Ian helps Nath and Ellen clear a free space on the Pedalzera. After seeing Ian talk to himself, Nath and Ellen don’t want to play with him. Bassânio arrives at the Warehouse and Vitor treats him badly, but soon Mari welcomes him very well. Pórcia has a job interview with Fred and Glaucia. Vitor tells Clara that he needs to modernize the Warehouse. Leandro tells Romeu that the CEC land was supposed to be his, but that Hélio practically stole it. Fausto visits Hélio and explains that the new venture in front of the Warehouse belongs to Monter Holding, Leandro’s company. The day of the opening of the work arrives. Amanda and Mari observe Vitor giving an interview to journalists in exchange for benefits. Fausto tells Hélio that he is a friend of him and Leandro at the same time. Dimitri is captured by Pedalzera and the members introduce themselves to the boy.

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Saturday – May 13 – The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Summary of the week’s chapters

Synopsis of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet

Castanheiras is a neighborhood divided into two sides, nicknamed by the residents themselves, Vila and Torre. In the first, there are colorful townhouses, smaller and family establishments. In the second, condominiums with imposing buildings and a luxurious boulevard. The Campos and Monteiro families are the oldest in the region, but they can’t stand each other and live on one side. Campos on the “Vila das Flores” side and Monteiro on the “Residencial Verona” side, on the Torre side. Although there are neutral zones in the neighborhood, residents on each side avoid going to the opposite side, and the center that divides the neighborhood, “A Praça da Árvore”, becomes a meeting point for conflicts.


Romeu is the eldest grandson and preferred heir of the successful Leandro Monteiro, owner of a holding company that manages several companies, including the construction company responsible for moving and modernizing Castanheiras on the Torre side. Julieta, or Juli, a cool girl and skater, is the only granddaughter of the strict Hélio Campos, coach and founder of the CEC, Centro Esportivo Castanheiras, where all the children in the neighborhood practice physical activities and participate in sports competitions. Hélio and his wife, Clara, also lead the neighborhood association, which fights to maintain the history of Castanheiras and its original appearance, coming into direct conflict with Leandro. Romeu is very good at sports and dreams of being able to play with his friends at the CEC, but his family does not allow him to do so, just to play tennis in his condominium, which is a tradition among the Monteiros.

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Campos and Monteiro are known as great enemies, from the patriarchs to the children, but nobody knows how it all really started. Romeo and Juliet are still young and don’t have much information about this troubled trajectory, so they don’t harbor this grudge. It is only at the CEC’s tenth anniversary party that they meet by chance in a magical and fantasy moment. The connection is immediate and the two want to know more about each other, but are frustrated when they discover that they are precisely from rival families. In addition to their grandfathers, their mothers also cannot meet that the fight is right. Vera Monteiro is responsible for the arrest of Mariana Campos in the past and for that she missed the first years of her daughter Juli, something that she does not forgive. Today, the two have become competitors in business, with their markets located opposite each other. To make matters worse, Romeo’s best friends (Alex, Karen, Rosalina and their cousin Nando) don’t get along with Juli’s (Téo, Lívia and the passionate Patrick). They are completely different and often clash on and off the CEC courts. People from Lado Torre are seen as the cool ones in the neighborhood. Lado Vila is for the ‘loose’ who think the neighborhood is theirs alone, because they play more in the street. The only thing the two groups agree on is the fact that it would be a huge betrayal for Romeo and Juliet to become friends.

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Still, in families, there are those who prefer to avoid these confrontations. Clara, Juli’s grandmother, a wise woman and storyteller, is one of them. She tries to convince Hélio to get along with Leandro once and for all, but to no avail. Vitor Campos, Juli’s uncle, identifies more with the Monteiros and their vision of growth than with his own family, which creates constant friction with Hélio and Mariana. In the Monteiros, Bernardo, Leandro’s youngest son and Romeu’s father, doesn’t buy into this fight like the others, and discourages anyone from getting into it. Unlike her older sister, Glaucia Monteiro, who actively takes a stand against the Campos even to please her father and compete with her brother and sister-in-law. Another peculiar figure in the middle of all this is Fausto, a frustrated playwright, caretaker of Residencial Verona and former acquaintance of Leandro, Hélio and Clara. He loves to nitpick here and there and cause trouble.

The only ones who don’t get involved in this feud between the older ones are the younger ones, Nath, Dimitri, Ellen and Ian, younger brothers of the children who attend the CEC. Even though they are on different sides, they unite to end the persecution of the “Pedalzera”, a gang known for their “turbocharged” bicycles and for dominating the legal spots of Castanheiras. Together, the four form a cohesive group, who come to Clara’s house to listen to stories and experience various adventures in the neighborhood and in the Imagination World, an extraordinary place where everything they imagine comes true.


Between the rivalry of families, friends and neighbors, Romeo and Juliet decide to find a way to make peace between the two sides, but for that, they need to unravel the mysteries behind all this fight between Monteiro and Campos. But it won’t be an easy task. Many want to keep families and neighborhoods divided forever.

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Summary of the chapters of The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet from 08 to 05/12

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