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thoughts that all people in couples have

If you have been in a relationship with your other half for a while, you have surely noticed that you have developed some somewhat bizarre habits… Things and thoughts that you would have thought you would never do and have. Like, being in the toilet while your darling takes her shower… Or have crazy ideas that suddenly cross your head! Don’t worry, it’s completely normal, and you’re not the only ones! Here are 8 weird thoughts that all people in a couple have, or will have one day or the other.

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1/ Which of us will die first?

And how will you react? How will you do without him/her in your life? Will you be able to move forward, or will you let yourself wither away? In short, this kind of question is recurrent within a couple. So don’t feel guilty for having these kinds of thoughts! Often, this means that you care strongly about your darling, and hope that your story will last as long as possible! In the meantime, do not waste too much time with these kinds of thoughts, and enjoy the happiness you share on a daily basis!


2/ What if our children were ever stupid? (thoughts that all people in couples have)

This is a question that couples of intellectuals often ask themselves, who fear that their offspring will break the many hopes that are placed in them! Instead of a future Einstein, Mozart, or Picasso, you fear having a toddler who spends more time trying to eat sand or pulling the tail of the neighbor’s cat… Anyway, any parent worthy of the name will love 

 their children as they are And know how to avoid putting too much pressure on your children, they will have plenty of time to grow and develop!

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3/ If we separated, who would get the TV, and the dog?

These kinds of questions do not mean that you risk separating! No, it is normal to imagine all possible and imaginable scenarios in your head, especially if you are the type to have a prolific imagination! Thus, all the objects that make up your daily life, as well as your animals, will pass through your questions! For my part, I will keep the dog… Then I will do everything I can to win back my darling.

4/ What if I had a preference for one of our future children? (thoughts that all people in couples have)

A rather unpleasant thought to have, and yet so common! The preference for a child concerns many parents, even if few will admit it… It is natural to feel a little more affinity towards certain people. Anyway, do not dramatize in advance! Parent/child relationships change throughout life, and your preferences may vary over time… Nothing is set in stone!


5/ Which of us will remain the most glamorous as we age?

Ahhh the question of the passing of time… It concerns us all without exception! So within a couple… You have probably already projected yourself into the future, imagining yourself wrinkled, white hair, rickety teeth! And quite naturally, you try to guess which of you two will age best… While knowing that, no matter what, you will continue to love your partner as on the first day!

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6/ Will one of us eventually become incontinent? (thoughts that all people in couples have)

Should I then change his diapers? Do I like it enough to do it? Can I put up with his moods, his rheumatism? etc… For some, old age is almost as scary as death! Aging as a couple is quite an art, and it is normal to worry about your future, however distant it may be… But that’s a good thing! Indeed, it means that you project yourself far enough to hope to make things last between you!

7/ Would we both survive a zombie apocalypse?

Between “The Walking Dead”, “World War Z”, “Welcome to Zombieland” etc… The zombie has become fashionable again!!! And so necessarily, we can’t help but project ourselves and imagine ourselves in an apocalyptic future filled with monsters thirsty for human brains… Would you be united and cunning enough to survive? Or will you fail miserably in the first week? Following up on this question, you surely ask yourself many other existential and ethical questions such as “What would I do if he/she were bitten?” 

8/ What if he/she lived a double life? (thoughts that all people in couples have)

It never crossed your mind? That instead of going to the office every day, your darling is actually a secret agent at the head of a super-organization that fights crime? And if in fact… Sometimes it is fun to leave in a delirium a little paranoid, or downright perched, just for the pleasure of imagining frankly incongruous situations to spice up the daily grind! And then, as long as it doesn’t call into question your relationship.

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