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Auto insurance against third parties: understand with SeguroAuto!
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Thinking about getting third-party car insurance? You may need the service in different situations and, therefore, it is worth knowing more about the subject. Follow the text!

When purchasing car protection, it may be worth taking out third-party auto insurance.


In fact, this is a coverage often offered by brokers.

Therefore, before taking care of the vehicle, it is important to know this option.

Third-party insurance is nothing more than coverage that pays for someone else's losses.

It is mainly useful when the insured car collides with another car.


Through this coverage, the insured does not need to pay for the loss of that third party.

Instead, it is the insurer who makes this compensation, respecting the limits established in the policy.

This type of coverage is also known as Optional Civil Vehicle Liability (RCF-V).

It needs to be taken out as part of car insurance, associated with coverage such as collision and theft.


In some insurers, protection for third parties is part of the basic insurance plan.

How to activate third-party insurance? Understand at SeguroAuto!

In others, no. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing your insurance and, if necessary, include this coverage as an additional one.

Comparing the loss of bearing the losses of a third party, the fee charged for coverage is minimal.

Third party car insurance
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Third party insurance, how does it work?

Third-party auto insurance coverage covers both personal damage and material damage to other people who are involved in an accident with you.

Imagine, then, that you collided with a vehicle.


If someone is injured, the insurance company will offer assistance with medical expenses.

Not only immediate treatment, but also psychological care, in case of trauma, and plastic surgery.

The rules for activating each of these assistance are listed in the insurance policy.

At the same time, third-party protection will pay for the damage to the other car.


Both if it needs repairs and if it is a total loss.

In other words, if you need to purchase a new vehicle for someone else, as their current car has suffered a lot of damage.

In the case of complete loss of the vehicle, the compensation limit deserves a little more attention from the insured.

If the damaged vehicle costs more than the stipulated values, the user will have to pay the difference out of pocket.


The total value of the car is usually based on the FIPE table. Then, the second negotiation will need to be done directly with the owner of the loss.

Is it worth taking out third-party car insurance?

Taking out insurance for a third party is not usually expensive.

Even so, the coverage can be negotiated with your broker, so that it is at an affordable price for your pocket.

How 24-hour car insurance assistance works


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

If you want to save money on hiring, without losing essential coverage, research cheap car insurance options.


Another important point is to have a reliable insurance company for this and other coverage.

There are many companies on the market but, to operate, they must have authorization from Susep.

Susep is the Private Insurance Superintendence and makes the list of authorized companies available on its website.

Among the best-known insurers we can mention Youse Seguros, which is reliable and offers third-party insurance, Porto Seguro and Mapfre.


In addition to the costs, taking out third-party car insurance is interesting because it protects the insured.

As mentioned, this type of coverage pays for someone else’s losses.

Without it, the insured person needs to pay for the other person's damages alone — through negotiation or even by court order.

It is worth remembering that anyone involved in accidents can count on mandatory DPVAT insurance.


Through it, those involved receive amounts to cover medical expenses, permanent disability and death.

In other words, the insurance does not cover material damage, which would still be the responsibility of the person responsible for the accident.

How to use third party insurance?

If you are involved in a traffic accident and are responsible for it, you will need to pay the costs of everyone involved.

But, if you have the third party insuranceyou will be able to easily share the losses with the insurance company.


So, to carry out the repair or compensate the other person, who was the victim, it is necessary to notify the insurance company.

Each insurer has a telephone number to respond to claims, and you must contact them to receive guidance.

Does an additional driver change the price of insurance?

Important steps towards compensation

Although there are some different procedures in each insurance company, overall they are quite similar.

After contact, the company requests some documents to prove the accident (such as the accident report) and the data of the insured and third party.

If desired, the third party can also register this claim with the insurance company.


In this case, when the insured assumes fault, the victim will be compensated.

To release the amounts, it is also common for the insurance company to carry out an analysis of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Afterwards, she will have up to 30 days to pay the compensation to the third party.

It is important to remember that, if the insured is not to blame for the accident, the company will probably refuse to pay the losses.


If this is the case, the insured must enter into an agreement with the third party or their insurer.

This way, the third party will pay for the insured's losses, instead of the other way around.

In addition, the insurer can indicate a workshop to carry out third-party repairs.

If this occurs, attendance at this workshop will be mandatory.


However, this does not happen in all companies, and is usually negotiable.

When taking out your insurance, be sure that the policy values ​​will be sufficient.

If they are too low, you may have to bear much of the third party's loss alone.

It is worth remembering that it is also interesting to purchase collision coverage for the insured vehicle.


In other words, coverage that will pay for the damage to your car.

MOBI insurance average price table

This way, you will be sure not to bear the damage caused to the car alone.

Third party car insurance Third party car insurance
Image: Getty Images

What damages are covered by third party insurance?

One of the great advantages of third-party car insurance is that this type of contract offers the possibility of customization.

In other words, you create your plan, according to the damages you want to compensate in the event of an accident.

Among the most common damages are moral, personal and material damages. But, sThird party insurance, what does it cover? See below!


Moral damages

It is coverage that can be offered as an additional coverage.

Through it, the insurance company will pay the compensation that the insured needs to pay to the victim due to the inconvenience and/or trauma.

It is important to always read the rules, as they vary by insurer.

Personal or bodily harm

It is a coverage where you will be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts that the third party claimed for your assistance.


This includes medical and hospital expenses, death and/or disability.

Materials damage

Coverage for material damage caused to third parties covers loss to the third party's car.

This includes painting and bodywork repairs due to collisions, among others.

When hiring your protection against third parties, do a lot of research!


This will make it simpler to customize coverage and guarantee more affordable prices.

One tip is to count on a good insurance broker and inform him of each service and coverage desired.

Just remember that if you choose to only take out third-party damage coverage, your car and passengers will not be covered.

Therefore, it is worth purchasing car insurance against third parties, but also coverage that takes care of you and your property.


Comprehensive car insurance has a very attractive cost, especially considering the losses it covers.

Mini auto insurance dictionary

How much does third party car insurance cost?

The price of car insurance is only defined after the driver receives a quote. This way, insurers are able to analyze the risks that will be assumed and calculate the fairest amount to charge.

For example, a driver with a history of being involved in accidents will pay more than a driver who has never been involved in accidents. Furthermore, the price is calculated with all coverage, that is, in general.

When including third-party insurance coverage, the value tends to increase compared to a basic plan, without third-party protection.


So, get a personalized quote to find out how much you will pay for car insurance. You can quote here at Just fill out the form or get in touch by phone and wait for a response from a partner insurance broker.

Here at you can get a quote for your third-party car insurance without having to leave home. Access and compare prices and conditions!

*Published in 2016


Auto insurance against third parties: understand with SeguroAuto!

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Auto insurance against third parties: understand with SeguroAuto!


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Auto insurance against third parties: understand with SeguroAuto!


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