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Can I change insurance brokers without changing insurers?
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Are you dissatisfied with your broker? So, it may be time to change your insurance broker. Know what to do!

Yes, it is possible to change insurance brokers and keep your car protected by a certain insurance company. But you need to know when to do this.


After all, changing at the “wrong” time can bring more hassle than ease.

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Furthermore, it is necessary to assess whether the insurance company does not work exclusively with its own brokers.

This is rare, but if this is the case, you will not be able to maintain insurance with the company if you decide to change brokers.

Read everything you need to know about the subject below!

Can I change insurance brokers without changing insurers?

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How can I change brokers without changing insurers?

To change insurance brokers, simply contact the company and inform them that you wish to end your relationship with them.

The ideal is to do this over the phone, as this way you will be able to explain your reasons. However, companies also offer online contact options and you can opt for them.

Below, we tell you when it is interesting to make this switch.


When to change broker?

When changing brokers, it’s worth evaluating whether the timing is really right. It is best, whenever possible, to wait for the end of a contract. But it is also possible to terminate the relationship with the broker at any other time during the contract.

Upon renewal or new insurance contract

When you renew insurance or take out a new one, it is simpler to change brokers.

After all, the relationship you have with a broker exists precisely because of insurance. If the insurance contract is coming to an end, simply inform them that you no longer want the broker's services.

This way you can look for the services of another broker. If the objective is to continue with insurance from the same insurer, you just need to inform the new professional of your desire.


Then, the broker will be able to quote insurance with the same insurance company you had before.

The ideal is to make this exchange 30 days before the insurance contract expires. This way, the new broker will have time to find the best protection offer for you.

At any time during the contract, with negotiation

When you take out insurance, you establish a contract with the insurance company itself. However, the broker will serve as an intermediary in your relationship with the insurance company.

Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the broker's work, the solution may be to change companies.


If you decide to do this during the contract, you must contact the broker and inform them of your decision.

The company will continue the change process and you will choose a new broker. This new broker will now represent you before the insurance company and the insurance that is still in force.

Unfortunately, it may happen that the new broker refuses to make the transfer. In this case, you will need to wait until your insurance anniversary approaches before applying again.

In any case, it is always worth expressing your dissatisfaction to the broker. This way, the company can commit to improving its service and you can easily maintain relationships.


When is it worth changing brokers? Can I change insurance brokers?

There are several situations in which it is common for customers to want to change brokers.

Surely you have your reasons, don't you? Are they among the most common? Follow below.

Delay in service from the broker

The insurance broker's role is to serve the client in the best possible way, ensuring the resolution of their “problems” with the insurance company.

After an accident, for example, it is the broker who will contact the insurance company and speed up the compensation process.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Now, if this service takes time or is provided with “grudging”, the customer tends to look for another broker straight away.

Lower price with another broker

Even if brokers are able to quote exactly the same insurance for a consumer, the final price may be different.

This happens mainly because of the conditions that each company has with insurance companies.

So, when they find more affordable prices, users tend to change brokers.


Few benefits from the broker

A good broker offers fast, quality service and conveys trust.

If these are not aspects that the broker offers, then there is no added value in their services.

In other words, the user does not find many benefits in their relationship with the company. So, you can look for a broker that offers greater added value.

Ready! Now you know when and how to change brokers without changing insurance. Don't forget to negotiate well with the desired company so that everything is carried out in the best way possible for you.


Can I change insurance brokers without changing insurers?

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Can I change insurance brokers without changing insurers?


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Can I change insurance brokers without changing insurers?

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