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How does senior auto insurance work?
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Senior car insurance is aimed at seniors and can be quite comprehensive. Understand what coverage and benefits are available.

There are different types of auto insurance, each one aims to meet a specific audience and their needs.


Senior auto insurance is one of them and the name itself gives an indication of who it was created for. But why have specific insurance for a profile? It's simple, he can serve better and offer what the person needs.

How senior auto insurance works

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Who can have senior car insurance?

Senior car insurance was developed for people aged 60 or over. It is for those who are at their prime, have experience behind the wheel and know how important it is to protect the vehicle.

It has no upper age limit and can be purchased by both men and women. One of the insurance companies that offer this product is Porto Seguro.


What are the coverages of this insurance?

Coverage indicates what protection the vehicle has if it suffers an accident. If you are covered, you will be entitled to compensation from the insurance company.

Basic coverage is already included in senior car insurance, meaning that if you sign up for the service you will be entitled to them, which are:

Robbery, theft and fire: guarantees compensation up to the full amount in the cases mentioned.

Collision: valid in cases of total or partial loss resulting from a collision.


Damages to Third Parties: covers material or bodily damage caused to third parties limited to the amount established in the policy.

Passenger Personal Accidents: compensates passengers for bodily injury resulting from accidents suffered in the insured vehicle.

Glass Protection: used for glass covers, headlights and lanterns that require repair or replacement.

Assistance to the Insured/Driver: assistance for a car other than the insured one in situations involving a tire change or lack of fuel.


Credits in Mobility Applications: provides credit for up to 30 days for use in partner mobility applications.

Additional coverages are those that policyholders can include in senior auto insurance if they believe they are necessary. It is possible to purchase just one of them or all of them, it is up to each person. See what they are.

First Claim Exemption: in the first claim, the insured is exempt from paying the deductible.

Cover for accessories: Coverages for some items.


Sanitation in Case of Flooding: when the vehicle goes through floods, floods and floods, it will be entitled to cleaning, as long as the value does not exceed the deductible.

Loss of Profits due to Vehicle Downtime: if the vehicle is used for work and is stopped by accident, the insured is entitled to payment of daily payments.

Medium Size Reserve Car: provides a spare car when there is a total or partial loss. The period can vary from 7 to 30 days.

Free 24-hour assistance: towing service or technical assistance in case of problems with the vehicle.


What are the benefits of senior car insurance?

In addition to coverage, anyone who takes out senior car insurance can count on other advantages.

One of them is the discount of up to 20% on the franchise, limited to R$400.00. This means that if the car suffers an accident, the insured's participation will be lower.

Services to help with daily life are included. There is assistance for electronic and IT devices, electrical and hydraulic repairs, locksmith service, pick-up and drop-off for the first vehicle inspection, free transportation to medical appointments and exams, among others.

Partner establishments offer discounts and other benefits to policyholders. Some of them include discounts on opticians.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

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Anyone who wants to take out car insurance and home insurance can still get a 5% discount by subscribing together.

How much does senior car insurance cost?

The insurance value varies according to some factors, one of which is the model and year of the vehicle. Furthermore, as we said, there are different coverages that can be added as protection. The more you choose, the higher the insurance value will be.

The payment method, place of residence, driving history and others also influence the final price of the insurance.

If you want to know the exact value of senior auto insurance, the best option is to request a personalized quote. This way you will enter the coverage you want, your personal information and you will be able to find out how much it costs to protect your vehicle.


How to take out insurance for seniors?

The first step in hiring is to request a quote. With the proposal in hand you can analyze it and if you have everything you need, simply ask the broker to join.

When you send the documents, give acceptance and make the payments, you will have the protection of senior auto insurance. This way you will be able to drive more calmly knowing that the car is protected and as an insured person you will have several benefits.

You can get a quote online, for free, here at Just fill out the quote form.


How does senior auto insurance work?

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How does senior auto insurance work?


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How does senior auto insurance work?


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