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Auto insurance for fleets | Auto Insurance
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Looking for information about auto insurance for fleets? Follow this article and discover the most important information on this subject.

Auto insurance for fleets is a vehicle protection service aimed at companies that want to protect their means of transport. Be they trucks, regular cars, vans, motorcycles or any other type of vehicle.


With it, it is possible to contract the protection of several vehicles under a single policy, and thus achieve more practicality when using insurance, and better prices too. Follow this article and understand how auto insurance for fleets works.

Auto insurance for fleets

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How fleet auto insurance works

This insurance will guarantee the protection of two or more vehicles, whether cars, trucks, vans or others. This type of insurance is widely used by companies that wish to protect their assets.

Unlike group insurance, in this case you have a single policy that includes all vehicles with the same characteristics, therefore, they will all have the same coverage and indemnity values.


For companies with a lot of vehicles, it is perfect, as it allows you to guarantee security without having to worry about the details of different contracts. And in the case of an increase in the fleet, it is possible to include more vehicles when necessary.

It is possible that some insurers have a minimum number of vehicles to characterize the service as auto insurance for fleets. However, most of them work with a minimum of two vehicles.

Who is fleet car insurance for?

It is suitable for any company that has more than 2 vehicles and wants to take out a single insurance policy for them. Individuals can also take out this type of insurance, if they wish and have two or more vehicles in their name.

Advantages of auto insurance for fleets

In addition to the already known vehicle protection and possible benefits and 24-hour assistance, which you will have access to when taking out auto insurance for fleets. Having such insurance can be quite advantageous:

  • It allows you to guarantee the safety of goods that spend a good part of their time in transit and that are subject to accidents.
  • Financial security for the company that will not have to bear costs in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Ease of contract and administration as there is only one.
  • Possibility of including the entire fleet in the insurance.

Companies that have auto insurance for fleets

Several insurance companies offer this service, so you need to choose between them by getting a quote and comparing values.

Auto insurance value for fleets

The value will vary a lot, because it will depend on the number of vehicles that will be included, the risks they face and the insurance company and coverage chosen. Therefore, it is necessary to request a quote so that you can find out about the available price options and choose the best one.

How to make fleet car insurance cheaper

To get cheaper car insurance for fleets, simply search with more than one insurer, as prices can vary a lot. Furthermore, as these vehicles tend to be at great risk, the more safety and control equipment such as trackers, speed control and others, the better. This way you can get a discount.

How to take out auto insurance for fleets

To take out auto insurance for fleets, you must first request a quote, which can even be done online depending on what you need. After receiving the proposals, analyze each one of them and see which one best meets your needs and has the most interesting cost.

With the best-rated companies, according to your needs, separated, research the references of each of them, this search can be done on websites such as Reclame Aqui and SUSEP – Superintendency of Private Insurance, the company responsible for regulating the sector .


Necessary care when taking out auto insurance for fleets

The first, and perhaps most important, care is to pay attention to all the insurance rules, according to the chosen company, as well as the details that guarantee the contracted coverage, deductibles and excluded items.

So that you don't have headaches in the future, it's worth identifying which parts of your vehicle and situations are protected and which are not covered. To do this, carefully read the policy, service provision contract, and ask the insurance broker any questions you may have.

After analyzing the options, just choose the one that interests you most and ensure that the company's vehicles are protected. It's much simpler than you might think to take out car insurance for fleets, you just need to have some time available.


Auto insurance for fleets | Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance for fleets | Auto Insurance


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Auto insurance for fleets | Auto Insurance


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