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Botafogo crushes Grêmio by 2×0 and remains leader in the Brasileirão!

Botafogo beat Grêmio by 2×0, at Arena do Grêmio, and remain in the lead of the Brazilian Championship. Glorioso’s goals were scored by Carlos Eduardo and Carlos Alberto.

Botafogo beats Grêmio and remains in the lead (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@Botafogo)

About the game

Grêmio started the game well, keeping possession of the ball and trying to find some space in Botafogo’s defense. In the 21st minute, the first big chance for the team from Rio Grande do Sul: João Pedro played for Suaréz, inside the area; the Uruguayan striker took the first shot, but ended up sending the ball out of bounds.

In Botafogo’s first big chance, Tiquinho Soares didn’t waste it and scored for Glorioso. The ball was lifted into the area and Cuesta headed Tiquinho, who sent it into the goal; after the VAR check, the goal was disallowed due to Cuesta’s impediment at the time of launch.


In the 33rd minute, Reinaldo advanced on the left side, gave Di Placido a pen and hit the goal, but the ball caught the marking and ended up going out. Minutes later, Villasanti advanced on the right side, invaded the Botafogo area and shot, but the ball also went out.

Botafogo reacted soon after. Carlos Eduardo advanced through the middle, arrived at the entrance to the Grêmio area and hit the goal, but Gabriel Grando saved it. Imortal returned to control the match in the final minutes and tried to open the scoring, but without success; the first leg ended in a 0-0 tie.

At the beginning of the second half, at 5 minutes, João Pedro exchanged passes with Suárez and entered the Glorioso area, but Perri managed to intercept his shot. The ball fell to Suaréz, who tried to cover the Glorioso goalkeeper; the ball hit the crossbar and went out. Five minutes later, Cristaldo received a great pass from Bitello; the midfielder entered the area and finished, sending the ball through the bottom line.

Botafogo reacted right away: Carlos Eduardo went on the counterattack and played for Luis Henrique, who passed to Tiquinho. The attacker tried to shoot, but the ball explodes in the defense; in the spare, Tchê Tchê hit the goal and Grando defended.


The Immortal did not give up and returned to the attack. Carballo played for Suaréz, who was on the edge of the area; the attacker hit the goal and Perri spread it to the side. In the spare, Reinaldo arrived hitting and the Glorioso goalkeeper appeared again to make a great defense, saving Botafogo.

Even being pressured, Botafogo managed to open the scoring. Segovia put pressure on Bruno Alves and the ball ended up going to Di Placido; the winger played in the middle of the area and Carlos Eduardo shot into the back of the goal, opening the scoring for Glorioso. Grêmio, which was putting pressure on Botafogo, became more relaxed after the opponent’s goal and gave up more spaces, which ended up generating Glorioso’s second goal. Segovia stole the ball and passed it to Marlon Freitas, who started on the left and played in the middle of the Grêmio area, finding Carlos Alberto. The young striker, who came on in Tiquinho’s place, sent for the goal and increased the score for the team from Rio.

Glorioso did not give up more spaces to Grêmio, held the result and ended the match with a 2-0 victory, remaining as leader of the Brazilian Championship. Check out the highlights of the match below.


With goals from Carlos Eduardo and Carlos Alberto, Botafogo wins Grêmio (Video: Reproduction/Youtube/ge)

next matches

Grêmio returns to the field next Wednesday (12) to face Bahia. The match will be valid for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

Botafogo faces Patronato, from Argentina, next Wednesday (12). The match will be valid for the Copa Sudamericana Playoffs.

Featured Photo: Carlos Alberto celebrates the goal scored against Grêmio. Vinicius Saraiva Da Rosa/Photo Premium/Gazeta Press


Botafogo crushes Grêmio by 2×0 and remains leader in the Brasileirão!

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