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Car on fire! Scary fire interrupts Stock Car race in Interlagos

The 2nd stage race stock car de Interlagos was marred by a dramatic incident this Sunday, the car of Diego Nunes caught fire by itself and the pilot of the Blau Motorsport was forced to stop at Rise of the Pits to get out. Despite his fear, Nunes managed to get out of the car when the fire spread, mainly between the steering wheel and the passenger door. The cause of the fire could be a fuel leak.

Nunes even disputed some positions with Rafael Suzuki It is Dudu Barrichello when smaller flames began to emanate from its steering wheel. As soon as he noticed the fire, he parked his car and got out of the car.


O safety car was triggered and the yellow flag mode, which was put into dispute – was paralyzed for about ten minutes. Track marshals reached Blau’s car and contained the fire with an extinguisher. The pilot has been called up to replace Felipe Fraga, who will join IMSA in Canada this weekend.

Race 1 was won by Argentine Matías Rossi. Race 2 went to Ricardo Zonta. In both cases, Felipe Massa took the podium; the man from São Paulo finished third in the first set-up and finished second in the race that ended the weekend.

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Classification of race 1, Interlagos. (Photo: Disclosure/Instagram/@stock_car)

the argentinian Matias Rossi won the title for the first time in 2023, in Interlagos, the fifth stage of the season. After a perfect qualifying session, in which Rossi was ahead in Q1, Q2 and Q3, the pilot comfortably led the entire race in 1st place and won with a time of 32m06s761. Matias also won 3rd place in race 2 won by Ricardo Zonta.


The TCM pilot was almost out of fuel and was even threatened by Felipe Massa at the end of the race, but he argued better. With the result, Thiago Camilo, 8th in the first race and 13th in the second, takes the lead for the 2023 season, with 151 points.

Felipe Massa conquered unpublished conquests in Interlagos. Joining Stock since 2021, the former Formula 1 driver won his first two podiums in this field this Sunday with third place in race 1 and second place in race 2.”I broke the taboo twice in a row (on the podium), it’s always special. Everything went perfectly and I’m sure there will be more podiums until the end of the championship”, Felipe Massa said.

Sunday started with rain in the morning and although it only rained in the first race of the day, the track was still quite wet. Even before the start, Denis Navarro collided with Guilherme Salas during the presentation round. The start is made in safe car mode and with the Argentinean Matias Rossi leading the Indian line. And he easily took the lead, winning the second victory in São Paulo of his career, the third in Stock Car. Felipe Baptista also occupied the starting position and came in second.

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Another Felipe was also marked in race 1, Massa, who started in 10th and finished on the podium, his first time in the format, with 3rd place in the first race.


Classification of race 2, Interlagos. (Photo: Disclosure/Instagram/@stock_car)

The second race of the day started with a much drier track and with unpleasant visuals, Diego Nunes’ car caught fire, but the driver successfully passed. Ricardo Zonta executed a great strategy and won the fuel limited race with a time of 32m38s991.

Felipe Massa continued his good form, taking the lead in race 2, but finishing in 2nd place, taking another podium. But the weekend went to Matias Rossi, winner of Race 1 and third in Race 2.


Season ranking

1) Thiago Camilo – 151
2) Gabriel Casagrande – 134
3) Daniel Serra – 131
4) Cesar Ramos – 114
5) Rubens Barrichello – 108
6) Ricardo Zonta – 104
7) Guilherme Salas – 96
8) Felipe Baptista – 95
9) Rafeal Suzuki – 93
10) Ricardo Maurício – 92

Featured Photo: Diego Nunes’ car catches fire – Reproduction/GE


Car on fire! Scary fire interrupts Stock Car race in Interlagos

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