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Can the name go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance?
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This is a very common question that hangs over the heads of many people who have car insurance or are thinking about taking out it. Could the name go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance? Find out below.

Everyone knows that when you buy a product or service and don't pay as agreed, your name can be included in the register of negative people in the SPC – Credit Protection Service, or your name in Serasa.


Exactly because we know this, a common question often arises when we talk about insurance: is there a possibility of including your name on the SPC-Serasa lists due to non-payment of car insurance?

If you want to better understand this issue and find out if your name can go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance, follow this article.

Can the name go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance?

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But after all, can the name go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance?

The answer to that question is no. Failure to pay car insurance will not include your name in SPC and Serasa.


This happens because hiring this service does not work exactly like purchasing a product.

For example, if you buy a television in installments and fail to pay the monthly payments, your name will be negative, because, in this case, you purchased a product and did not pay the full amount.

When we talk about taking out car insurance, we are talking about paying an amount to guarantee service coverage.

In other words, you will pay for a service that you may or may not use.


In this case, if you do not pay the installments, your name will not be included in SPC-Serasa, as you did not use the service.

However, your insurance coverage will be canceled as provided in insurance contract. If in doubt, consult your insurance policy.

Know that the rules for the insurance company are not the same for a cooperative. If your contract belongs to a company that is not an insurance company, that is, not part of MAPFRE, Porto Seguro insurance, Allianz, Pier Safe and others, but offers protection, as is the case with Ituran Seguros (offers tracker and insurance), check with your lawyer.

How does car insurance cancellation due to non-payment work?

As we have already seen, the answer to the question whether the name can go to SPC-Serasa due to non-payment of car insurance? And not!


However, if you do not pay the installment payment, it can and will be cancelled.

Let's assume that you took out car insurance with coverage for one year, and divided the total value of the policy into six installments. If you fail to pay the first installment of this installment, your coverage will be automatically canceled.

However, if you forgot to pay the second or other installments of your car insurance policy, there will be a deadline for you to rectify this situation.

This period varies depending on each car insurance company and it's in your insurance contract.


So it's important that you ask your broker about this or look for this information in your policy.

After this period for regularizing the late installment has passed, your coverage will be canceled if payment is not made.

However, your name will not go to SPC-Serasa because of this non-payment.

The name could go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance
The name could go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance

The insurer is obliged to notify you of late payment

It is worth mentioning that all insurers are obliged to notify the broker or the insured about the outstanding installment, so that they can arrange for the delay to be regularized.

These notices are generally made via email or letter sent by post.


But, always pay attention to the expiration date of the car insurance in your country. insurance policy. After all, in case of insurance claim, you may lose protection due to non-payment.

I no longer want my car insurance, can I stop paying it?

If you no longer wish to be covered by your car insurance, stopping paying the installments could be a way to cancel this service.

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But, you need to know that this is not the best choice in this case.

What should I do to cancel my policy?

If having car insurance coverage no longer interests you, the best way to cancel this coverage is to request the cancellation procedure through a letter that can be sent by you to the insurance company, or by your broker.


The best option is for you to contact your broker or insurance company and ask to cancel your car insurance.

By making a formal request, the cancellation of your insurance will be recorded as “Cancellation at the request of the insured”.

In this case, the cancellation of the contract will include a clause called “refund of the premium paid”.

Which means that if you have already paid more than the equivalent months of coverage, you can receive this excess amount back.


The calculation of this return is made according to the short term table. See rules about insurance claim, if you have already made the claim.

It is important that this calculation is made based on the rules established by SUSEP – Superintendency of Private Insurance, through circular 256 of 2004.

To find out how this calculation should be done, you can check (by clicking on the previous link in the circular and, accessing pages 13 / 14 of the file), chapter 5, section XVIII, article 46.

In this session it is possible to see exactly how the refund calculation should be done, when the insured decides to cancel the contracted coverage, during the period of validity.


And if I already have a negative name, can I take out car insurance?

If you have a question about the possibility of taking out car insurance if your name is negative.

The answer to this question is: it depends.

If you intend to take out car insurance and pay the premium upfront, don't worry.

Because, even if your name is negative, your hiring will be possible.


However, if the idea is to pay the premium in installments, then we are talking about a credit contract.

In these cases, it is possible that the insurance company will not accept the negotiation due to the fact that your name is negative in SPC-Serasa.

After all, this means that you failed to meet a financial commitment.

In short, if your question is whether the name can go to SPC/Serasa due to non-payment of car insurance, the answer is no.

You will not have your name removed from the SPC-Serasa lists, but you will lose insurance coverage.


However, this does not mean that this is the best way to stop relying on this service.

After all, when asking to cancel your car insurance, you can receive an amount corresponding to the refund of the premium, if any.

Furthermore, having your name included in SPC-Serasa will not prevent you from taking out car insurance, as long as the premium is paid in cash.

If I lose my car insurance due to non-payment, will another insurance company know?

As your name was not entered into the SPC system nor was your name entered into Serasa, it is unlikely that another company will know about the non-payment of installments under the previous contract. Also know that they do not have a unified system.


However, there is the possibility of other companies identifying the lack of payment in the previous contract, even without counting on the SPC Serasa. This happens if you provide the reason for changing companies.

What matters most is not being left without car insurance. So, you just need to make payments on time to avoid being left unprotected and the car insurance company knows that you are the most interested in making the payments, do you agree?

What are the problems with not paying car insurance?

Although your name will not go to SPC and Serasa for not paying car insurance, you will lose coverage. In other words, non-payment entitles you to car insurance company of not protecting your property.

This is a common rule that insurance companies follow, whether the MAPFRE, Porto Seguro insurance, Pier Insurance and others. But, see how it works with companies that offer protection, such as Ituran Seguros (tracker with insurance).


Therefore, always pay attention to the expiration date of your bill, as well as the deadline for renewing your car insurance.

To learn more about reduced car insurance protection, contact your insurance company. Check your contract and ask your insurance broker if you have any questions.

Pay attention to the rules of a coperative, as they do not work like insurance companies.

And if the insurance company denies my name, what do I do?

This is a possibility that is unlikely to occur. But, if the company denies your name in the SPC/Serasa, you can appeal.


After all, as we mentioned, the insurance company cannot deny the customer's name due to non-payment of the car insurance installment, as this is a service that was not used.

Speak to your lawyer if you are unable to clear your name directly with the insurance company.

So, now you know that the insurance company cannot deny it. But, if you still have doubts about whether your name can go to SPC-Serasa, talk to your broker!

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Can the name go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance?

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Can the name go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance?


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Can the name go to SPC-Serasa for not paying car insurance?

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