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Check out what happened on the last day of the festival

This Sunday (24), the 11th edition of the Lollapalooza Brasil music festival ended, with performances by national and international artists throughout this weekend at the Autódromo de Interlagos. The event, which was marked by rain, earned the audience the nickname “Lamapalooza”.

Despite the inconsistent weather, Interlagos received four stages for simultaneous shows, with PopPunk, Rock, R&B, MPB, Funk and Trap performances. The festival organization suffered from last-minute cancellations, needing to make replacements in a hurry and a line-up criticized on social media.


Some artists performed for the first time in Brazil like Blink-182 and SZA. The Brazilian band Titãs played the last show of the Reencontro tour, with the presence of members of the original lineup.

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Tribute to the King of POP

On the Perry's By Johnnie Walker Stage, almost 20 minutes late, MC Livinho came up wearing a shiny hat, a single silver glove and a black jacket to pay the promised tribute to singer Michael Jackson. To the sound of a remix of classics such as “Beat It”, the artist showed the American artist’s well-known dance moves and also sang the song “Black and White”.

After the tribute, MC Livinho entertained the audience with “Pilantragem” and “Cheia de Marra”, both performed with more sophisticated arrangements, surprising the fans. Unfortunately, the show didn't last as long as expected. At around 5:45 pm, Mc Livinho announced that he would have to end the presentation. “I'm going to have to close now. I wanted to do the whole show, but they were late“, implying that the festival organization was to blame for the delay.

MC Livinho covers his idol Michael Jackson (Photo: reproduction/ Leo Franco/AG News)

Gilberto Gil's contagious energy

Gilberto Gil performed on the Samsung Galaxy stage, accompanied by a few family members, in a different structure than the recent ” Nós, A Gente ” tour. Even so, the family was present in appearances on the big screen. The artist sang his hits, accompanied by an audience that grew up listening to “Realce”, “vamos Fugir”, “Andar com Fé” and “Palco”. In a relaxed moment during the show, he joked with the audience. “You've taken over world music, huh, kids? Aficionados, devoted. Long live Brazilian youth” and was applauded with applause. The performance ended with the sound of “Tempo Rei” and “Toda Menina Baiana”.


Gilberto Gil performs on the Samsung Galaxy Stage at Lollapalooza 2024 — Photo: Luiz Franco/g1

Presentation by Gilberto Gil (Photo: rReproduction/ Luiz Franco/G1)

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Romantic songs with Sam Smith and SZA

On the Samsung Galaxy stage, Sam Smith started the show with the songs “Stay With Me”, “I'm Not the Only One”, “Like I Can”, all from his debut album, transforming the audience into a big karaoke. The artist delivered a show full of performances made by dancers who circulated around a huge “body” lying face down from end to end. Messages such as “protect trans children” and “liberation” were written on the structure of the “body”.

The artist performed for the first time in Brazil in 2019, also at the Lolapalooza festival and has accumulated Grammy awards since his first album, “In the Lonely Hour”, in 2014. Smith declares himself a non-binary person and likes to respond by neutral pronouns .

To the delight of his fans, he spoke to the public: “I can't believe it's been five years since we've been here. I wanted to thank you for continuing with me. A lot has happened in my life and knowing that you are here is incredible“. And he completed with “This show is about the freedom to wear whatever you want to wear, sing whatever song you want to sing, and be whatever you want to be..”


In her debut on Brazilian soil, the singer SZA had a crowd of tens of thousands of people accompanying her in songs of suffering for love. To perform on the Budweiser stage, she chose to wear a green and yellow Brasi t-shirt and was greeted with shouts by the audience and fans.

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During the show, SZA shouted the name of the country, danced with our flag and showed a recording with greetings in Portuguese, in addition to thanking the Brazilian public for their reception. She started the show with a snippet of “Open Arms”, moving on to “Seek & Destroy” and warming up the stage with “Love Galore”.

Solána Imani Rowe (SZA's given name) is considered the queen of American pop, with a repertoire full of love songs. A career that began when she was just 20 years old, which she emerged in 2017, with the album “Ctrl” and then, in 2022, scored the hit “Kill Bill” from the album “SOS”.

Sam Smith delights fans with immersive show (Photo: reproduction/Multishow)


Pleasant surprises

The band Greta Van Fleet was chosen at the last minute to replace canceled attractions and closed the festival with a flourish on Sunday night. With shrill highs and heavy guitars, the rock group, made up of three brothers, Josh, Jake and Sam Kiszka, and drummer Danny Wagner, alternated their songs with moments dedicated to instrument solos. The drummer excited the audience, along with vocalist Josh Kiszka, who has a rare vocal range.

The band, inspired by the iconic group of the 1970s, Led Zepellin, establishes itself on the music scene with costumes and arrangements that take us back to rock music from 50 years ago. Despite the tiredness of waiting for the last show of the night, the band's fans were able to sing the verses of “The Falling Sky”, “Safari Song” and “Heat Above”.

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Featured Photo: band Greta Van Fleet performs on the Samsung Galaxy Stage to close Loolapalooza (Reproduction/Fábio Tito/G1)


Check out what happened on the last day of the festival

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Check out what happened on the last day of the festival

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