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Normani announces “1:59”, the first single of her new era

After a long six years of waiting, Normani is close to releasing the first song from her debut album, titled “Dopamine”. The song “1:59” will mark the beginning of this new phase in the singer's career and is scheduled for release on April 26th.

On social media, the 27-year-old artist excited fans by publishing a short excerpt of the song, which will also feature rapper Gunna, according to Variety. Check out the preview:


Normani teases fans with a short excerpt from her lead-single (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@normani)

The song marks Normani's return to music, after two years without releases. His last release took place in July 2022, on the track “New To You”, a collaboration with Calvin Harris, Tinashe and Offset for the album “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2”, by the Scottish dj and producer.

Single “New To You” (Video: reproduction/YouTube/Calvin Harris)

Career of ups and downs

Normani had a heady start after Fifth Harmony's breakup. In 2018, his first two singles, “Love Lies” (featuring Khalid) and “Dancing With A Stranger” (featuring Sam Smith), became global hits, played billions of times on digital platforms and reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 , the biggest music chart in the United States.


The following year, the singer stopped the internet with the release of “Motivation”, her first solo song. With a well-produced music video, lots of choreography and composition by Ariana Grande, the song achieved moderate success, approaching 400 million reproductions.

Although her career seemed to be going well, Normani experienced difficulties releasing her own material. In this decade, the artist has only four officially released songs. The lack of material made fans impatient and her name stopped being trending.


In the years that he spent without releasing songs, Normani went through a process of transformation within his team. He changed managers and companies to distribute his music globally.

For Who Wear That, Normani spoke about the hiatus period she went through to create the album's creative process: “This album isn't just about releasing music. It feels like a representation of everything I've been through to get to this moment… I know I needed the time, experiences, and space from Fifth Harmony to become the version of myself that I needed to be. Without it, I would be unable to exist in the creative space I'm in and make the kind of music I'm in now. It is a representation of my evolution.


Normani revealed the cover of her first album, “Dopamine”, in February (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@normani)

Although little is known about the album's sound and its release date, the magazine reports that the singer will continue making pop, R&B and hip-hop songs, but appears to be more mature: “The new songs seem to represent the bridge from where she was to where she is now in her life. It is not a complete separation, as they still have the characteristic elements of Normani's sound repertoire, but they indicate a subtle change.“, said journalist Jasmine Fox-Suliaman.

All of Normani's songs are available on streaming platforms streaming.

Featured Photo: Normani prepares to release the first single from her debut album (Reproduction/X/Normani)


Normani announces “1:59”, the first single of her new era

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Normani announces “1:59”, the first single of her new era

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